Ugh, sorry blog!

Ugh, sorry blog!

Hi blog! I know I’ve been just awful about updating this thing… It’s just that life’s been so great lately that I haven’t wanted to step away from it to type, I guess. Also, I’m lazy. ; ) Bill and I were discussing this on the way to the dog park and he asked why I didn’t blog about the day-to-day work stories and such I tell him every day. Well, blog, it’s way too easy for anyone to find this blog and I don’t feel like getting my tookus accidentally fired from my job for groaning if I’ve had a hard day or anything. So, I keep it to my bullet point summaries of the rest of my life and hope that’s good enough for you : )

Speaking of bullet points, here’s what’s up since last I blogged back in… holy moly early March!

  • Bill and I are still happy and wonderful together : ) In fact…
  • Bill’s moving/moved in with me! I know, this is crazy and not particularly in character for me and super fast and not something I ever saw myself doing. But it was silly for him to drive back and forth to Midtown every day to do his work when he was spending every night at my house. My lease needed to be renewed or I needed to move, so in he came. His lease with his roommate Zach isn’t up until November, so right now we’re still paying separate rents and such but there’s a chance Bill’ll sublease to a friend before the lease is up. It’s really awesome to come home to Bill every day, to have Bueller start barking the minute I get out of my car when I get home, to have someone home to do chores and I’m just so happy to have Bill in my life : )
  • Work is still awesome! I still don’t have a desk or work computer, but I can print and have my company email address, so those are positive steps. My coworkers and bosses are pretty great and they love my baking, so that’s swell : )
  • I took Bill home for Easter and my parents actually like him! Holy crud! Not just tolerating him to be polite, actually have genuine affection for him. Mom even called him a good egg : )
  • I’m (lazily, gradually) learning Greek. I’m doing alright with my alphabet and know some phrases and such. I even read the Lord’s prayer in Ancient Greek! Huzzah for dating a classicist!
  • I turned 23! Crazy. And Bill got me an ancient freaking vase for my birthday. Holy moly! Here’s his explanation and such and some pictures. “It’s an Attic black-figure vase from Selinunte in Sicily. Selinunte used to be the ancient Greek colony of Σελινοῦς, which was a colony of Corinth from around 700BC-416BC, when it was destroyed in a war against Segesta, and the city was abandoned very quickly, so it’s a very active archaeological site that I worked six years ago. This particular vase is about 2350 years old, depicting Tyndeus killing Ismene in a mythological scene from the Theban Cycle, specifically chronicled in “Seven Against Thebes.” We found it and exported it to America as part of the Virgilian Society, but they decided they didn’t want it once it was here, so I lucked into it!”


Ok, those are all the bullet points for general life I can think of at the moment, but now here’s the great and productive weekend I had, so you can feel like I’m not such a lazy blogger.

  • Seven, count ‘em seven, loads of laundry completed this weekend. Woot!
  • Three loads of dishes run.
  • Two batches of pancakes made : )
  • Sushi, margaritas, cheese stuffed steak rolls, and sesame chicken all either made or consumed.
  • Two different dog parks with the boys, including the ENORMOUS Millie Bush Bark Park at the George Bush Park out in Katy. It had 2 ponds! One of which Bueller got thrown in.. he was not a happy camper.
  • I went to the shooting range for the first time! I shot a pistol, the Gurand (a rifle), and a shotgun. I think I’ll stick with the pistol from now on, as the other two made my shoulder hurt. To that end, though, I feel a lot more comfortable and safe with Bill’s guns in the apartment now that I know how to operate them and what not.
  • We had Bill’s friends Zach and Chris over for dinner and gun cleaning after the shooting range : ) Yay visitors and for them approving of the apartment, my sesame chicken, and my chocolate cupcakes with whiskey-buttermilk sauce.
  • Got groceries and baked turtle brownies for work.

I think that’s all for now, blog. Hopefully this’ll count as a good update ; ) I’ll conclude with some pictures of Bueller and of me, with a gun! Have a wonderful until I talk to you again, blog!


3 thoughts on “Ugh, sorry blog!

  1. Oh I’m in love with him too. Not just cute, but with SUCH a personality and well-behaved to boot : ) Puggles are the best!

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