Up to the Midwest

Up to the Midwest

Oh so soon Bill, the puggle, and I are heading up to Springding, home of my alma mater, residence of my best friend, and site of the Kristin/Adam wedding : ) In just 2 days, we’ll pack up everything and head up to my parents’ house, then on to Springfield for Beffie bonding, weddingness, Tulsa time, and then back to Houston once again. I’m praying the weather holds out, that I can see everyone, that Bill and Bef get along, that the puggle doesn’t puke, that I don’t get travel-grump, and that I’m not currently sick enough to hold back the trip (more on that later).

Right now, I’m busy both at work and with trying to get all my travel duckies in a row. The list-making has begun, along with the compulsive weather-checking and time-table-arranging. Maps will be made, agendas will be set, to-do and to-pack lists will be completed, and I will probably lose my mind just a little. Not just because of the travel-crazies, which I get like a nutter-butter, but because I’m super-excited to see Beffie and I’m really excited/proud/confused about this whole Kristin-getting-married thing.

Emily And Kristin: The Story (probably told poorly)
Kristin and I have known each other since our freshman year at Drury where we were suitemates.

Aww, weren’t we cute in 2005?

After surviving the Year of Crazy Heather together with our other suitemate Jayme, the three of us (and a girl named Dani) got one of the 4-person apartments in College Park and made it through another year together. Sophomore year held my leaving the architecture program, Jayme moving in with her now-husband Ryan, Kristin in her most-hippie phase, and my first ice storm, along with various triumphs and failures in love and life and such. Unfortunately, we were residentially separated for our Junior year. I lived with more crazies, she broke up with her then-fiance, she met her almost-now-husband, and we stayed close (of course). Senior year, we missed out on our last chance to live together, but Kristin and I were both on Dance Team so we got to see each other quite a bit. When Jayme and Ryan got engaged, we were both bridesmaids and threw her an awesome bridal shower. Kristin was the first person I went to when Jim broke up with me, she was the one who sat me down sophomore year and told me that I wasn’t allowed to be a bitch 3 weeks out of each month’s 4 and call it PMS, she helped me stay in shape (sometimes), deal with boyfriend’s best friend problems, and was always there for a good talk, workout, or style consultation. She curled my hair for my first date with Jim, for stage managing B-Cab with Beffie at the Gilloiz, for all sorts of things. She lent me the dress I went to the sorority dance in, she taught me to walk in high heels for Jayme’s wedding. Kristin has been one of the best friends I could’ve asked for and she’s just an amazing person. Her gift for music and therapy and joy is simply stunning and I’m so happy she’s found love and joy. The two of us married of our Jayme last March and it’s crazy to marry Kristin off now.

Sewing up her dress for Jayme’s wedding

She’s always been creative and organized with wedding stuff (being fianced or in a relationship for almost all of the 5 years I’ve known her) and I know her wedding will be wonderful. I’m honored to be one of her honorary bridesmaids (only her sister is standing up with her) and I hope I can support and love Kristin, Adam, their marriage and their family for many years to come.

The Other Thing
I’ve had a headache for almost 2 weeks now, not quite constant, but for at least a few hours every day. Sometimes it hits at work, sometimes at home, sometimes with my glasses on, sometimes without. I wrote it off as a pressure headache from the changing hurricane-ish weather for a while, but after a nice clear weekend with no pain abatement and the addition of neck pain to my symptoms, Bill’s starting to get worried. So, if I don’t feel better tomorrow, he’s making me go to the doctor. I’m worried I have the meningitis or brainworms or something else awful, but I hope that it’s just poor posture plus changing weather. With the trip coming up so soon, I keep having visions of being made to stay for tests and missing all the important Missouri things, but I hope and pray that won’t happen.

What’s up recently

  • My good thoughts are going out to Miss Katie on her big move and big future in Colorado Springs this week, as well as Bill’s mom on her annual check up.
  • An aside: I found out last week that Bill’s momma found my blog through his blog. After rereading all I write about I am OK with this, especially since it tattled out Bill’s moving in with me ๐Ÿ˜‰ His mom had no problem with it, but I think it’s funny that how she found out. Also, I’m ok with it because I tend to blab on and on about how much I adore her son on here, which is a good thing for her to hear I suppose. Makes me even more nervous to meet her, though.
  • On that note, Ms. Mercy, you should come visit us! Now, back to the entry…
  • Bill and I had a lovely, uneventful long weekend. I made Baked Ziti Alfredo, Homemade Ice Cream (one strawberry, one Kahlua), and Eclairs. All were delicious, all were consumed.
And I think that’s all! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend if you got one and that all is going well with you! : )

4 thoughts on “Up to the Midwest

  1. OK, I’m outed as the boyfriend’s mother. I really enjoy reading your feminine take on life with Bill. From your blog, I hear all the nuances that bookish Bill neglects to relate. My MRI went well, it’s the IV in the hand that is the most painful. It was so hot up here today, that I sweated (on the back of my hand, no less) so much that the bandage couldn’t stick. At least I only had to work an hour today and than come home and vegetate. Your cooking efforts puts ours to shame (I bought eight eclairs at the store this morning, does that count?). I hope you enjoy the wedding in Missouri with your friend from school. I was only in two weddings, not counting my own: the first as a maid of honor when I woman in my tennis league got married, still my friend some 25+ years later, and the second as matron of honor to my childhood best bud who I’ve known since I was three. (It was her third marriage and lasted all of 4 months, oh well, she has a new boyfriend now at 62!). Feel free to comment on my blog, as bookish as it is. Despite my reviews, there are hints about my daily life scattered throughout.

  2. I’m so glad your MRI went well, Ms. Mercy! Bill told me y’all were getting a heat wave up there, I’m so sorry. Houston’s killing us with the rain and heat and humidity. Springfield looks like it’ll be a tiny bit cooler this weekend, so that’s good.

    Sorry that Bill is detail-low in his phone calls; I think it might be because he’s always lethargic from the food I forcefeed him ; ) It’s really homebody boredom that drives my cooking, so maybe one day when I have actual things to go and do I’ll bake less. Or maybe I’m driven by being a penniless young professional. Maybe both.

    I hope that Bill likes Missouri alright. I know he’s really excited that he can open carry up there. And this is only the 2nd wedding I’ve been in as a non-flower girl, but I don’t even get/have to stand up for it : )

    Hope y’all’s heat wave passes and that you continue feeling well! Hopefully I’ll remember to send some books up to you that I’d set aside after I read your blog. Have a great day!

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