So many wonderful things!

So many wonderful things!

Wonderful thing number one: I do not have meningitis! Yay! I wound up taking Thursday off work to go to the Walgreens clinic and found out that, much as we suspected, I had a sinus infection. (Sidenote: my insurance covers the Take Care Clinic with the same co-pay as the regular doctor. this is hella convenient since trying to squeeze in a doctor’s appointment never really works). So, the lovely Vivianne, my APN, gave me amoxicillin and a note excusing me from work for the day. Lord have mercy, that amoxicillin has made all the difference in the world, along with some guifenasen syrup for my chest congestion. Hallelujah no brain infection!

Wonderful thing number two: I met Blason! Since I was excused from work Thursday, we wound up driving all the way up to Tulsa that day. (Side note: I felt like a jerk for only going to work on Thursday. I really hate taking sick days, especially since that meant I’ve used 4.5 out of my 6 since I started work in February. Plus, my boss was out of the office and there’s a big label order in, and ugh. I felt bad. But I could sleep in the car and I couldn’t sleep at my desk). On our travels up to Oklahoma, we got deluged on at least 7 times, but only got stuck in traffic for a little bit in Dallas. Bill and I split the trip 50/50, got some jerky from the jerky capitol of the world, and got a little lost in a scary part of Tulsa before we found Blason’s parents’ amazing house. Seriously, we had a guest SUITE bigger than our apartment. Blason was sweet and got us delicious Hideaway pizza that I’ve missed since Synod at University of Tulsa. In exchange, we brought him a 24 oz. Shiner and some Texas-shaped tortilla chips : ) It was a lot of fun and Blason liked me, so yay!

Wonderful thing number three: I got to see Beffie! And Jesse! And Jan! Since we’d gotten all the way to Tulsa on Thursday, we got up to Springfield around lunchtime on Friday, much much earlier than we had planned on. While showing the boys around campus before Beffie got off work, we accidentally ran into my friend Jesse : ) Then, Beffie got home, which was awesome. I missed my best friend so much! Bill quickly learned that Stef and I are basically the same person, and even commented that watching us have a conversation was like watching me talk to myself. On Saturday, I got to take Bill and Bueller to meet Jan, the theatre department secretary and my very important other mother : D I was so excited to have Bill meet everyone and see my campus and all of those important things. He seemed to really like it all too : ) (I realize that was a lot of exclamation marks, but it makes me a happy girl)

Wonderful thing number four: Kristin got married! Since Bill and I made it up to Springding earlier than expected on Friday, we made it to the rehearsal and dinner for Kristin’s wedding. It’s a good thing we did because it turned out I had to walk down the aisle! I hadn’t realized that as an honorary bridesmaid I had a walking job, but it turns out I did : ) After the rehearsal and seeing a lot of my other lovely friends that were also bridesmaids, there was a delicious rehearsal dinner at the Boathouse at Lake Springfield. Bill nearly lost his mind over the bacon-stuffed chicken and homemade strawberry cupcakes. The next day, Jayme and I (the original roommates/bridesmaids) wound up searching all over town for some yellow roses for the unity candle the minute I got to the church, but a grocery store saved the day! Kristin was a beautiful bride (with the prettiest dress ever!), Bill made it to the ceremony on-time rather than abandoning us for the Bass Pro Shop with Starbucks inside, and the reception was wonderful too. It’s crazy that both of my freshman year roommates are married off now and I’m so proud of Kristin! Plus I got to see Carrie and Jayme and Brian : )

Wonderful thing number five: Bill liked Springfield! I was already certain Bill would like Springfield because he could open-carry there, but it turns out he and Stef got along famously (and B. Knox and everyone else too), he really liked Drury’s campus, he ADORED the Bass Pro Shop, he got to have Krispy Kreme donuts, and he was super into Wal-Marts selling hard booze, even on Sundays. : ) I’m so excited he had a good trip, especially since now we’ve both proven to each other that we do actually have friends ; )

Wonderful thing number six: We got a rest day today! Well, this doesn’t sound like a wonderful thing, but when I woke up in Springfield yesterday, I felt like crud again. I had a really sore throat and my headache was back. After I popped some amoxicillin and grabbed Krispy Kreme with Bill, I was feeling better, but he decided we should probably head home that day instead of breaking the trip into 2 days again. This was an awful thing because that meant I had to miss lunch with Matthew with a Beard : ( Even more awful, my phone first lost his number and was then refusing to send him texts or call him, so he and the wife got to the MudHouse expecting us to be there : (! Matthew, I am the worst friend ever and REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry about this! And heading all the way home meant that Bill didn’t get to see Blason again either : ( Luckily, the weather cooperated with us and we got home at around 11 pm after a 12 hour drive. But all of that badness meant that Bill and I got to enjoy a rest day at home before I go back to work tomorrow. Getting to sleep in our bed, eat an amazing amount of yogurt, and generally recover from the travel weariness has done me (and probably Bill too) a world of good.

Wonderful thing number seven: I GET A MIXER, PEOPLE! Ms. Mercy, Bill’s mum, told him on the phone today that they’ve sent their old (barely used) Kitchen-Aid mixer down to us!!!! AHHHHH!! BAKING SPASMS! Ms. Mercy, who now reads this blog, is obviously the most amazing person in the whole wide world. Apparently they weren’t using the beauty anymore, so they’re sending it to me so I can continue to fatten up their son (and myself) : ) Oh, I am so excited! : D

So, those are my wonderful things of the past little bit. I am super-excited to not have a brain disease, that the trip went well, and that I will soon reach even higher baking heights. I am bummed, however, that I didn’t get to see a bunch of my Springfield friends (Matthew, Amy, Robert, Ian, Katie, etc…), and that I have to go back to work tomorrow. Not that I dislike my job, just that I’ve gotten really used to spending all day with my boys. But, somebody’s gotta bring home the bacon and until I can freelance support us, work it is! I’m making sorry-for-taking-a-sick-day-but-I’m-back-now brownies for the office when I’m done with this entry. Oh, and setting aside some books to send to Ms. Mercy that I think she’ll enjoy : ). And finishing the laundry. And taking more antibiotics. Hope you’re all well, interwebs! -Em


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