Weekend Activities, we actually had some!

Weekend Activities, we actually had some!

Well, first things first: the funk has been conquered : ) For some reason, Friday started off really well and I had a really nice day at work, ignoring the pale comments from coworkers. Once I got home, my day just improved further. Bill’d said that the shipping mixup with the mixer had been remedied, so the manual in a separate package had arrived which led to a happy Emily when I got back to the apartment. I started to get ready to go out with Zach, Bill’s old roommate, when there was a knock on the door: the UPS man with a giant box. The mixer had arrived!!! After much squealing and jumping, we dug the mixer out of the pound of packing peanuts and I got it safely put in the space reserved for it on the counter. Bill called his folks so we could tell them it had arrived and so I could thank them for their generosity. I was informed after said call that I sounded like a complete doofus (thanks honey), but I got to assure Ms. Mercy that I wasn’t fattening Bill up too much, so it was a successful call. Approximately 2 seconds later, I made Bill take this extremely doofy picture of me with the mixer, which I’ve named Melvin.

Me, fresh out of the shower, with my amazing mixer.ย 

I can never say thank you enough to Ms. Mercy and Mr. Don (Bill’s parents) for sending me the mixer. They’d never used it and it’s a really nice, professional-grade, 5-qt Kitchen-Aid aka the badassery of my life. I owe them 10% of all my baking proceeds or something ; )

After the arrival of Melvin, Bill and I braved the traffic of 59 (ick, ick, I hate it here) to make it down to Midtown for dinner and drinks with Zach and Reyes. That’s right, we finally went to see Bill’s best friend and still kind-of roommate after more than a month of not seeing him. We’re amazing friends. Shame on us, even if we were out of town most of the time. We had a great time catching up over margaritas at Ruby Tequilas, even if Zach disappointed by not getting the amazingly enormous taco ‘salad’ย again. Much fun was had, even if the restaurant was full of noisy bachelorette parties or girls nights out or something. After the margaritas, Reyes headed home and we met Adam, another of their friends, at Little Woodrow’s down the street. Once again, much talking and catching up. We got our fair share of crud for not making it to Memorial Day weekend, but I redeemed us by bringing the amazing toffee-chocolate chip cookies I’d made on Thursday (without mixer aid, unfortunately). Our redemption was to be short-lived since Bill and I absconded with the cookies when we left to head home. I needed something to eat besides margaritas and beer and those cookies will drive anyone to do some crazy things ; ) Before we left, we made plans to hang out by the pool at their apartment complex the next afternoon.

When I woke up Saturday, I was itching to use my mixer so I made biscuits for breakfast! They were just Baking Powder Biscuits out of the mixer’s cookbook, but it was nice to mix it up instead of just having pancakes. Afterwards, Bill woke up so we watched the episode of Penn & Teller that the DVR had saved, waiting for Zach to wake up and get ahold of us. My itch to use the mixer hadn’t yet ebbed, so I made an almond-shortbread for the boys. As soon as the shortbread was out of the oven, we got a call from Zach that a) they were headed to the pool and b) it was required that I bring cookies since Adam hadn’t gotten any from last night. They might’ve called us Indian givers, haha! Luckily, I’d frozen some of the leftover dough from the cookies on Thursday so we were in the clear for desserts.

After the cookies made it out of the oven, Bill and I wended our way back to Midtown for pool-sitting, beer-drinking, and barbecuing with Adam and Zach. Don’t worry, I was fully sun-screened, enough so that Bill thought I blended in with the white pool bottom. It was really nice to see Adam and Zach for both Bill and I. Bill, because they’re his friends. Me, because it gave me a chance to assure them that I haven’t been trying to keep Bill from them. Also, I like to hang out with them too. We had burgers and hot dogs with the boys, I got a little freckled, the cookies were thoroughly enjoyed, as was the shortbread, and Bill and I made it home in time to beat the rain that was rolling in from the tropical depression. Well, I did. As we pulled in through the gates of our apartment complex, I realized that Zach’s keys were in my purse so Bill drove them back across town and brought the rain back with him. Unfortunately, beer + hot dogs + my continuing sinus problems = severe heartburn, so I called it a night at 8:30 or so. Bill, of course, stayed up until 3 in the morning, perusing Wikipedia. ; )

Today’s been pretty lazy so far. We’re out of butter (again) so I’m stymied for most of my baking, but I managed pancakes from mix for breakfast, along with all of the bacon Bill fried up for me last night since I’d set it out to thaw and then fallen asleep. Since we didn’t get up til almost noon we’ve been pretty slow in getting about. We were pretty socially maxed out after 2 straight days of seeing people, but we were bored of just being in the house especially since Bill basically just works out of home, so something had to be done. Around 2 we made it to Starbucks so Bill could translate (his go-to answer for boredom) and I could read/blog. We’ll probably head home to make dinner before too long. So, Sunday = lameday ; ) There’s still laundry and housecleaning I need to do as well.

Hopefully I’ll have more social activities to blog soon since Bill and I have sort of exhausted our out-of-town travel gumption and budgets ; ) It’s been really nice to have something to do though. I’ll have more recipes soon too, since I’m in love with my mixer! I hope that you’re all doing well and have had nice weekends as well!


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