This Weekend, We/I Might or Might Not Have

This Weekend, We/I Might or Might Not Have

…watched all the Predator and AVP movies snuggled up with the puggle and Finny on the bed
…gotten our basic groceries for $20, ka-ching!
…made super-delicious fried chicken and biscuits for dinner last night
…gone through a whole pitcher of Kool-Aid in 2 days
…been really disappointed by Carter’s Country, but found Bill’s new favorite gun store
…gloated because my mixer is nicer than some of the ones at Williams-Sonoma
…pondered purchasing a sausage grinder attachment for said mixer
…read half a mystery in Barnes and Noble, waiting for W-S to open
…done at least 4 loads of dishes, but there’s another sinkful waiting now
…talked about all the places we could move one day and why we should or shouldn’t
…almost started to give the dog a bath before remembering we don’t have puggle shampoo
…made a lot of fun of pink guns, they’re ridiculous
…read 2 ridiculous, mind fluff books, just because they were sitting on the coffee table
…prayed for one of the couples to break up on Bridezillas, but been disappointed when it was just sneaky editing
…wished that River Monsters would come back so Bridezillas wasn’t the Sunday show any more
…had a very lazily satisfying weekend

Just maybe though : ) Hope you had a good weekend, internet!


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