I was just on Facebook (at work, shame on me) and for some reason I was perusing my own interests. You never really look at your own, I realized; one tends to read and stalk the information of others on the book of faces. Sometimes, I kind of forget that other people look at what I like and think and read and do. With Facebook, you have to assume that, even with the professional girl privacy settings on, friends of friends have randomly through-clicked to you and are seeing/judging who you are as a person. So, I looked at mine.

Apparently they are: naming things that don’t need a name at all, being a loveable pain in the classicist’s tookus, really slowly learning Ancient Greek, trying to colorcode things that shouldn’t necessarily be color-coded, acting as general congregation spot for puggles and red headed cats, keeping people at work happy by baking for them.

Holy smokes, that’s hella accurate. I mean, I’m interested in other things, like reading webcomics from start to finish, trying to beat sudoku puzzles and getting stuck when there are too many 8s, watching Bill play AvP, drinking mojito mixed with koolaid or sprite, and of course trying to be a beautiful, well-rounded person of substance and grace (ha!) but the ones above are a pretty good core of me. Especially being a puggle/finnie repository.

And all of that made me reminisce about reading Bill’s Facebook profile for the first time, after we’d met and exchanged info and started IMing and internet-stalking each other. He seemed so awesome. (He IS so awesome, time has proven). And I remember how excited he was when he found out I liked Firefly and Rome and Penn & Teller. And that makes me all excited all over again to be with my wonderful classicist. If you look back at my interest list, most of mine have been touched by him now. I had to redo the whole list when Facebook changed itself for the billionth time. And so I changed from my college interests of baking for the scene shop, having paint on every pair of jeans and shoes I own that aren’t for work, and having laundry/movie nights with my best friends to sharing my whole life and apartment and love with Bill. He’s a good kid. : )

I didn’t mean for this to be an about-Bill entry, but I guess it turned into one. Sorry, internets. ; )


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