The day that felt like it would never come has come, my loves! No, Tina Fey and I are not best friends suddenly. No, I did not inherit a cardigan fortune. No, I am not a freelancer. No, we didn’t suddenly get a house out in the country. Instead, something that could only happen with the march of time has happened: Bill and I have been together for half a year! Six months! One hundred and eight-two days! : D I’m not sure why this anniversary fills me with such glee. There are several possible reasons. This is now the 2nd longest relationship I’ve been in (which is weird, I think) so we’ve beat all my high school relationships. (Another 2 years until we beat my longest relationship though. Damn.) Six months seems like a long enough time that we aren’t that weird for living together. Pretty weird, but not that weird. Half a calendar year is just satisfying. It feels weightier, more meaningful. It just makes me happy. : )

It feels (in an entirely cliche way) like Bill and I just met a few days ago and like we’ve been together for years simultaneously. He makes me happy and comfortable and I’m so wonderfully grateful to have this marvelous man in my life. The fact that he loves me, in all my nutterbuttery goodness, just blows my mind sometimes. I love him every second of every day, more and more all the time. I spend my work days wishing I was home with him and the boys. The afternoon traffic report from him just speeds me home to our little apartment. I spend my evenings content with our home, our banter, the life that is ours. I spend my weekends window-shopping or cleaning or baking or napping or hanging out with friends, amazed at all my life has turned into over the past 6 months.

So, thank you Bubbie, for being the very best in the world. I love you and I look forward to all the half years that we’ll have together to come : )

Bill’s Anniversary Present

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