Things that happened of a monday

Things that happened of a monday

1. My nephews started kindergarten today. My sweet little baby twin nephews that I lived with their 2nd and 3rd summers. That used to say, “You so funny” and watch T-Thomas Train and make monster faces. They’re in kindergarten now. My oldest nephew is in the 7th grade. Courtney’s kid is talking. How did this happen? *goes to sob in a corner*

My last day with the Twinks back in 2008. We were growling.
This is my GREATNIECE.

2. Houston got a ridiculous torrential downpour. That I had to drive home in. That made me get home an hour after I usually do. And knocked out our power for almost 3 hours. -unacceptable-

Red- Normal Way Home (30 minutes) Blue- Crazy Way Home (1 hour, 30 minutes)

3. I got told twice today that I have nice hair by random coworkers. Babam! Especially since I haven’t cut my hair in approximately 8 months and I use cheap shampoo.

4. Gas was only $2.33/gallon this morning! score!

And those were things that happened today. The end.


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