Exciting Things of the Recent

Exciting Things of the Recent

1. All my vacation time was approved, so Bill & I get to go up to Delmar for 5 days this Christmas! : ) So excited, even if I will freeze to death.
2. The new Kyle Park EP is out, and it is awesome. See here.
3. Mom’s going to Australia! Hopefully she will bring me back a New Zealandish penguin!
(Umm… I think maybe I only had 3 exciting things. Hmm. I will think of more to flesh out my list.)
4. I’ve… found a lot of new blogs I like.
5. My.. new haircut is nice.
6. It’s getting moderately cooler outside. As in it’s only 90 outside today. Only. Oy vey.
7. The Winchiladas are still super-tasty, we had them for dinner Tuesday night.
8. I’m trying a new recipe today for bacon-tomato pasta. Yum!
9. We’re going to the fair this weekend for Bill’s friend’s birthday. And bowling the next day. I’m awful at bowling though.
10. All the shows are back tonight: Bones, 30 Rock, Community, The Big Bang Theory, and The League : )

That was a surprisingly difficult list to create. I suppose it’s been a pretty boring week so far. Oh well! Have a great day, internet!


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