She’s Going to a Land Down-Under

She’s Going to a Land Down-Under

My mommy is leaving for Australia today and will not be back until the 12th of October. For those of you struggling with mental math, that means my mommy will be gone for a LONG FREAKING TIME. And will get to hang out with my favorite Australian librarian ladies. And will get to stay in Pat’s stone guesthouse in the middle of the lavender fields. And see kangaroos. And I am a little bitter that I don’t get to go. Last year, you may remember, I got to accompany Mom to Italy for 9 days for the same conference and it was awesome.

Well, actually I didn’t much care for the part of Italy we were in and I was sick for part of the time, but I got to drink wine with wonderful Australian librarians that thought I hung the moon and the stars for doing the graphic design work and listen to them all call me Emilia in their awesome accents.

But this year my big girl job and complete lack of frequent flier miles (I spent them all on Italy) mean no Australia for me. Dumb grown-up responsibilities and being too awesome to let my parents pay for everything I need. The other reason I wish I was going, besides my general jealousy and love of the Australians, is that Mom is going all by herself! No me, no poppa, no nothing. And she will be super-far away. There won’t be a language barrier this time, but what if [insert a million awful things] happen and Poppa/I aren’t there to save her? Or she’s trying to be frugal and does something that’s un-common-sensical? She gets all neurotic and worried like me! Oh my. It worries me.

I’m also worried that she will never come back. It’s always been her dream to go to Australia, partially because of her love of kangaroos, and she has friends down there (which she doesn’t so much in the states) and I’m pretty convinced she’s going to just never come home and Daddy will have to retire and go live with her and they’ll get a.. dingo farm or something. How complicated (and expensive) would holiday planning be then? Oh my.

So, in summary of my completely rambly thoughts about my mumma going to Australia, please think good thoughts for her travel and safety and hope that she has a marvelous time and doesn’t come back having unconsciously picked up the accent because that will drive me bananasandwich. But mostly just that she’s safe and has a great time. I love you, Mom!

Mom & I at IASL 2009, Abano Terme, Italy

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