Weekday Detritus

Weekday Detritus

  1. Mom is still in Australia. She’s not just hanging out with our favorite librarians but doing TERRIFYING THINGS like climbing super-high bridges now. Oh my.

    My mother is fearless. I am a wuss.
  2. This weekend: Kyle Park at the Ft. Bend County Fair!
  3. Joining Ms. Mercy with a birthday this week, my middle sister Deana : ) Daddy swears we are carbon copies of each other because we’re both mule-headed and pick on him.
  4. We’re finally getting the birthday box to the Whites and the Texas sticker to my brother this week. Kabam!
  5. It’s been a pretty slow week so far except for the fantastic weather. Weeks are allowed to be a little slow when it’s wonderful outside. This month’s power bill should be super-low since we haven’t had the AC on for 16 hours out of the day. This makes me want to bake alllll day, which I am attempting to do when I am home. This weekend’s project: bread!
  6. My alma mater just announced an MA in Communications program that you can complete in a full 3-semester year (http://www.drury.edu/multinl/story.cfm?nlid=246&id=25488) and I’m reallllll tempted to go back to Springding for it. Though we’d have to find Bill a job there. And Beffie is graduating.. urgh. The program still sounds awesome though!

    I miss the Fall at Drury. And all the other times.

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