Holy moly.. it’s October?

Holy moly.. it’s October?

I have no idea how that happened… October, seriously? And it’s all cool and Fally-outside too. Lovely, but bizarre. You always get the feeling that these Texas summers will just never, never end and suddenly it’s chilly outside in the mornings and Bill is making fun of you for the number of layers you’re wearing. We slept with the windows open all weekend until last night when it got too cold(!) This morning, it was in the 50s when I drove to work. It’s truly astonishing. And now, on to the weekend recap!

  • Friday night: Grocery date, of course! We just got a few staples we need at Kroger and headed back home to watch Predators again. Oh that movie is so great. Predators + bad-ass Jews + Lawrence Fishburne being a nutter + really pretty movie = the best of times. And that was pretty much all of Friday. It was a pretty typical, boring Manck/White beginning of weekend, but that’s how we roll πŸ™‚
  • Saturday morning: So nice outside! We decided to take to take Bueller to the really big Millie Bush Bark Park out in Katy-ish to let him ramble, and ramble he did. Most of the other dogs there weren’t really very playful or friendly, so Bue didn’t have much inter-dog fun but he did enjoy running back and forth. We saw a lot of pugs, which is always amusing, and had to keep Bueller from playing rough with all the little white fluffy dogs that were there. My theory is that he confuses them with Finny and tries to get them to play that way. Hint: it doesn’t work. But Bue ran himself exhausted and we took him home so he could sleep the rest of the day off. We stopped by Randall’s to cash in a Coinstar receipt and Whataburger for delicousness on the way home. Once we got home, it was laundry and cleaning time until…
  • Saturday night: County Fair Time! We met Zach and his parents for Bob’s delicious tacos and then headed over to the fairgrounds just in time to see Kyle Park! Yay!! He was marvelous, we had a great time people watching and avoiding drunken dancers that were convinced that our personal space was their personal space. Funnel cake was consumed, falcons were marveled at, and none of our money was taken by carnies. Bill and I were both exhausted by 10:30, so back home we went. All in all, a wonderful fair night.
  • Sunday: Mr. Bill had one of his sleep-in mornings, so Bueller and I got up, made me some oatmeal and waited for the sleeping giant to wake up and eat the Bob’s leftovers. After a bit, we headed out to Half-Price Books where they gave us a measly $10 for my whole box of books! Jerks. But, Bill found a really neat Greek food cookbook and I found a Christopher Stasheff book I’d been looking for, so really we came out ahead with a profit of 84 cents. Then, we headed over to the old apartment to pack up a bunch of books and whatnot that hadn’t made it over to my apartment yet. In exchange for my muscling the heavy boxes out to the truck, Bill retrieved delicious mozzarella pizza for lunch and we watched 30 Rock until Zach got home from apartment hunting with his mom. The three of us watched the last few episodes of The League and Predators (again!). After all of our media consumption, Bill and I headed home to walk the puggle and combat the enormous headache Bill’d gotten from only having 1 coffee drink all of Sunday. I read in bed with the windows open until bedtime and here we are.

It was a very nice weekend with wonderful weather and I miss it now that I’m back at work for the week. Fall weather makes me want to stay home and bake while wearing one of my many sweaters, but I must breadwin instead of breadbake. Bill’s formed an addiction to my Fall Harvest cookies, so I’m sure I’ll be making at least 2 batches a week for him alone. Silly Billiam. My goal for this month is to try and replace as many of our store-bought baked goods (bagels, bread) with homemade to save us some moolah and make my baking heart happy. : )

Hopefully our apples from the Delmar Whites will get here soon and their birthday package will arrive in a timely fashion as well. Bill’s job hunt continues and we’ve begun looking at PhD programs for the 2011-2012 school year, thought that would almost assuredly take us away from Houston and maybe even Texas.

And let’s not forget that the holidays are approaching! We’re going up to Springfield (hopefully) for a visit in November, then Thanksgiving with my folks and Christmas in New York. This is that part of the year when it seems like everything is suddenly happening, so I’m sure it will be 2011 before we know it! Hope you’re doing well, internet and that your weather is lovely too : )


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