Wednesday night calm

Wednesday night calm

We had winchiladas as nachos for dinner, enjoyed the last of the no-bake cookies, felt the wonderful autumn breeze through the open windows and had a few of those long, rambling conversations about everything from daily detritus to the big things. The puggle snuggled with us, the cat lost his mind and we went out at 10:30 to get ginger ale. We drove through quietly deserted streets, perused almost empty grocery aisles and creeped on the Starbucks to see the renovations, creeping out the man cleaning inside very soundly. Now that we’re home, I am thoroughly tuckered and completely content, listening to the fall winds out the bedroom window and the snores of all 3 boys as the dishwasher runs and Bueller curls into the nook of my legs. This, my friends, was a Wednesday night done right.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday night calm

  1. I love the chart. Sometimes I think you are a Virgo you are so organized and analytical. Told Mr. Don not to put cumin in his chili if he makes it while you’re here. God, you were a monster baby, breaking the family record for both me and John of 9 lbs 10 oz! Why didn’t you grow taller?

    1. Haha, nope I’m an ares, hard headed as can be, just ask your son! I was also a giant baby that my mother some how birthed without drugs bc of her fear of needles. As for my height, somehow both 5′ 9″ parents wound up with my 6′ 1″ brother and my short self. My personal theory is that my brother stole all the height, that jerk ; )

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