Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Truth is, I’m not a very big Halloween person at all. A combination of my hatred of face paint, never trick or treating because we lived out-of-town, and what I view as the inherent awkwardness of spending your day in a costume has made me a Halloween-un-carer. Bill on the other hand, is all about it! The boy loves hisself some Halloween. Most of our Halloween weekend will be spent moving and helping others move things, but we have time enough to go out with friends and nosh on the candy corn I made last weekend. My boss also got our whole department Halloween costumes, so I’ve spent my day with antennae and wings on as a ladybug. The glitter from my wings is getting all over my chair, so I will sparkle for weeks to come I’m sure. With that in mind, here’s the weekly comparative chart, Halloween edition!

In less happy news, Bill didn’t make it to the next round of interviews for the position he interviewed for Monday. He’s scheduled to take the civil service exam next week though, so he can continue applying for other governmental jobs. Hopefully the Lord will send us something soon because it is getting tight in the Manck/White household.

Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and enjoy all the discount candy Monday morning : )


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