Anti-social, anti-allergy weekend approaches!

Anti-social, anti-allergy weekend approaches!

After the last weekend of much moving and cleaning and people-being-around-ing, Bill and I are very ready for a nice, quiet weekend at home while we both try to recuperate and heal from the allergies that are kicking our butts. Poor Bill is even worse up than I am, but the steroid nasal spray is doing us both a world of good. So, after work today there will be a grocery date if he’s feeling well enough to leave the house, and then the weekend should be full of things like lots of cocoa, trying to tailor my giant corduroy pea coat, making biscuits, and lounging about the apartment. Approximately nothing else : )

So, without any further ado, here is our comparative list of favorites. Enjoy!

It should be noted that I found it uber-difficult to narrow down 1 favorite musician, smell, etc and that Bill only loves Tina Fey because he loves me so much ; )

Have a great Autumn weekend dears!


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