Antisocial, Antiallergy Weekend Update

Antisocial, Antiallergy Weekend Update

So far we’ve slept in a little, made cocoa and espresso, run 2 loads of dishes and 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the oven and the rug, felt much better than earlier in the week, and played with the puggle. I’ve read half of Inbound Marketing for work and found that the social media chapters are mug more interesting than the website chapters I’m supposed to cover for our big marketing summit at the beginning of December. I’m worried that we’re going to try to implement measures to appeal to consumers, who can’t directly purchase our products, rather than doctors who can by blogging, etc from a user rather than a professional point of view. But we shall see. Still up this weekend, Bill has a raid with his guild, I have some sewing and crochet projects I want to work on, baking some puggle treats and people biscuits, responding to some emails, more cleaning especially of the truck since we have our Springfield trip this week, and general lounging antisocialness enjoying the wonderful autumn weather. This weekend is great!

And special thoughts for Ms. Mercy after her post-flu shot health scare. We’re so glad you’re feeling better and good luck with your bets for the Breeder’s Cup!


One thought on “Antisocial, Antiallergy Weekend Update

  1. Thanks for the good wishes. A couple of scotch and vichy (do you know what vichy water is, ask Bill) and I’m feeling much better. Got out by myself today and drove north to start Christmas shopping. I am really in the holiday mood already. Can’t wait for your trip North.

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