The A.S.A.A. Weekend Update!

The A.S.A.A. Weekend Update!

Oh my, this was one of the best weekends ever. God bless Antisocial Antiallergy Weekend : ) As you can see from my last post, Saturday was a lovely day and Sunday stayed just as fine. We woke up to wonderful weather, Bill went out and got us donuts for breakfast, we cleaned out Stanley and moved the rest of the bed pieces out of the cab and into the bed of the truck, I took a nap on the couch after finishing my book for work, we went to Katy Mills Mall and wandered around without spending any money or finding a coat for Bill, and then sat around the house and enjoyed not seeing anyone else for the rest of the day. The second episode of the Walking Dead was really good and we fell asleep listening to the live broadcast of The Instance. That’s right, I’m addicted to the world’s largest WoW podcast and I don’t and won’t play the game.

After this weekend, we had a clean house, fresh dog treats and a fridge full of foods, I read my work book, Bill had fun on the internet, the dog napped the whole weekend away, and I felt content and happy the whole weekend through. It was an almost perfect weekend with my wonderful guy.ย If we’d found the right canvas coat for Bill, the weekend would’ve been perfect indeed.

Now, we just have to wait 2.5 days until we can begin the trek up to Springfield to see Beffie and all my friends we didn’t catch over the summer, watch Company, hopefully see a few professors, eat custard and Krispy Kreme, and enjoy the chilly, chilly weather of the Ozarks. Maybe we’ll even find a coat at the gigantic Bass Pro up there. That trip would be perfect if all my Zeta ladies were going to be in town, but alas they’ll all be in Kansas City for a wedding. Darn it!

Hope you’re all doing well, internet! Have a great day : )


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