Springfield, I miss you so.

Springfield, I miss you so.

We’re back from Springfield and ohmygoodness I miss it so much. Bueller loved getting loved on by all my friends with belly rubs, tug wars, puggle treats, and happy youths on call at all times. Bill misses Krispy Kremes right down the road, openly carrying his gun, and the world’s first and biggest Bass Pro Shop. I miss my wonderful beffie, Bert, Little Casino, Audramily, and all the Drury theatre kids and professors that I love so much. In our short time up in the Midwest, we were lucky enough to see Drury’s production of Company, find Bill an awesome new coat, spend days and nights with my very best friends, and I got to see my friends intoxicated for the first time. Bill and Robert got to talk about HFS/Dag, Stef, Audra and I got to spend a whole morning at the mall and figured out I was in a horribly missized bra (they work at Victoria’s Secret now), Little Casino was amazed by Bill’s boots, and I got so so many hugs from people I had been missing hugs from for a year or more. We enjoyed cool weather and all the foods I missed, plenty of freshmen and sophomores thought I was a completely bizarre alumni for showing up at a cast party and Broadway Cabaret rehearsal, we fell in love with Netflix, and I marveled at how much Drury in general and theatre department in particular has changed. The odd shift your past makes while you’re not looking hit me full force as we walked around the gorgeous campus and I realized that it’s not now and will never again be what it was when I was there. Since I’ve been gone, the department has more than doubled (if not tripled) in size, my friends are now all of age to drink, there’s a huge new sports center where a cruddy little field used to be, a new green space has taken the place of 2 old buildings, and my friends are now the upperclassmen with underclassmen that look up to them and a department that will be fundamentally changed when they leave. Stef, Robert, and Audra will all graduate (or near enough) from Drury this May and everything will be all different all again. That’s part of growing up, as Bill heard me say a million times this weekend, but it’s a lesson you have to learn over and over again as you grow, I suppose.

In a less melancholy and retrospective vein, here are some statistics and thoughts from our whirlwind 5 day vacation up to the land of custard and cashew chicken:

  • Miles driven by Bill: 1373
  • Miles driven by Emily, even after she offered to drive: 0 because Bill is a champ
  • Episodes of The Instance  listened to: approximately 20
  • Pull-out sofas slept on: 2
  • Breadsticks ordered from Fazoli’s once Bill freaked out after he saw them: 12
  • Donuts from Krispy Kreme purchased by Bill: 12
  • People Emily actually knew in the cast of Company: 3
  • People in Company: 12
  • Things that went wrong while Emily was away from work: 1
  • Hours Bueller slept in the car: 20
  • Hours Emily slept in the car: 1 (a personal low!)
  • Hours driven: 24
  • Times Emily had to wear a coat: 3
  • Times Emily was shivering: 12
  • Times Bill was shivering: -4
  • Great Danes that jumped a fence at us and was subsequently herded back to its owner: 1
  • Skunks seen: 1
  • Groundhogs seen: 1
  • Visits to Panera: 2
  • 30 Rock episodes watched on Audra’s Netflix: 5
  • Pushing Daisies episodes watched on Audra’s Netflix: 7
  • Bones episodes watched on Audra’s Netflix: 4
  • Number of unread Google Reader entries Emily came home to: 1897
  • Average amount Bill is older than Emily’s friends: 4.5 years
  • Average amount Emily is older than Emily’s friends: 2.25 years
  • Temperature when we left Houston: 80 degrees
  • Temperature when we left Springfield: 22 degrees
  • Little old ladies barked at by Bueller: 1
  • Times Emily and Bill pondered moving to Springfield: 15
  • Times Emily and Bill realized they had no job prospects in Springfield: 15
  • Sadness to leave Springfield: infinite

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hugged some people you loved!


2 thoughts on “Springfield, I miss you so.

  1. bah! this entry made me so jealous. I miss Drury, all those same people, and YOU!! We need to have a phone date, pronto. How is it that we were both in Missouri the same weekend, but not the same city and therefore didn’t see each other?? That is beyond lame.

    Also–I just read your comparative chart from Friday. I’m sorry, my dear Emily, but I have a correction for you. Wal Mart does NOT sell alcohol ALL day–not even in Missouri… not that I’ve ever tried to buy it too late at night/early in the morning before…. 😉

    Miss you!

    1. We do need to have a phone date! I work from 8:30 – 5:30 Central time and drive home from 5:30-6:00, but I bet you’re still in work then since you’re an hour after me. You can call me whenever you want though! : ) And it is so lame that we didn’t see each other. What stinks is that all our people are graduating from Drury and all the freshman think I’m a weirdo : /

      And I’m bummed that my comparative chart was inaccurate! It just seems like Wal-Mart always sells booze because all of our liquor stores are closed on Sunday and you can’t even buy beer or wine from a grocery store until after noon on Sundays. Not that I’ve ever tried to buy booze before noon on the Lord’s day 😉

      Miss you too!

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