Mid-Fall Busy-ness

Mid-Fall Busy-ness

After our exhausting and wonderful trip up to Springfield, I was ready for a nice relaxing week and it has been for the most part. Tuesday-Thursday were pretty slow at work, but the week in general’s been flying by. Today, in contrast to the doldrums of the past few days, has been a whirlwind! I submitted spec logos to the company of an ex-coworker and received my very first contract from them(!), designed a branding package for a current co-worker that’s promoting my design services to his computer clients and started his web design, got a new client through him, worked on GiggleCritter stuff for IASL and am making a 21-generation family tree poster for a friend of Bill & I’s for Christmas! Whew! I’ve made at least 20 logos in the past 36 hours, along with a complete collateral package and 2 website designs (uncoded) this morning. Now, I need to start on the new client’s preliminary logos and starting coding whichever web design my coworker chooses. Plus, you know, my normal work. It’s wonderful!

In not Emily-centric news, we’re going out for drinks with some friends tonight and tomorrow will be for the gun show and cleaning the house. Oh, and it’s Bill & I’s 9 month anniversary tomorrow, too! Time is just flying in the best way : )

So, thinking of Fall, here’s the comparative chart for this Friday. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


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