And now it’s December?

And now it’s December?

Holy moly, the last fourth of this year has just been flying by, hasn’t it? I was shocked when it was October, then suddenly November happened and now it’s December! And we’re actually having at least a day of winter-y temperatures in Houston. I had to wear a sweater, a cardigan, my coat AND the cute argyle scarf my brother’s girlfriend Mendy got me last Christmas and I could see my breath in the parking lot this morning : )

The amount of better I feel since Bill and I have been back in Houston is kind of mind-boggling. Ms. Mercy sent me the very sweetest email about Christmas the other day and it made such a difference. I’ve finished up one freelance identity and web package, started the billing cycle for another, and sent off some very-difficult-to-nail-down-but-turned-out-very-well preliminary logos to yet another client. Christmas lists are getting nailed down and presents are getting designed. I’ve found that the Pink Martini channel on Pandora is perfect background, mildly cheery, jazzy work music. Work’s been going really well, the weather is nice, and Bill is a much cheerier bird. We even went out for dinner to the Thai place last night! Our routines and interactions at home seem nicer, fresher and new, though more worn in and comfortable.

So, here’s to hoping that December will beat the pants off all the months that have preceded it, that the holiday spirit will be both merry and bright, and that every moment is savored and lovely. Happy December, friends!


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