Bill and I are having a marvelous time in New York! Our trip up here was delayed once, I almost tackled by a gate agent in New Jersey when I forgot my bag, but we’ve been having the best time since we arrived : ) It snowed a little bit the first day we were here, I got to meet Dave and Corey and drink delicious cider and mead, we’ve been to Bill’s favorite coffeeshop twice, saw Ms. Mercy’s childhood home, along with Bill’s schools and hangouts from growing up in Delmar. We did Christmas present-ing this afternoon and all the New York Whites enjoyed their gifts from the Texas Manck/Whites: a Bueller calendar for Mr. Don, a Texas-shaped cutting board and crocheted scarf for Ms. Mercy, and a golf ball embosser for John. The two of us got some awesome copper pots and Apples Charlotte pans, as well as some delicious candies, ornaments for our tree and an adorable Vera Bradley lunch bag : ) For dinner tonight, we had tasty, tasty bouillabaisse for dinner and we loved it. So, expect a more thorough entry later, but rest assured that we’re having a wonderful time up here in the cold Northlands! Merry Christmas, friends  : D


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