Small, blizzard related update

Small, blizzard related update

Update: we had a blizzard! (At least, I think that’s what they’re calling it) It snowed at least 12 inches last night and is continuing to snow and wind up here in Delmar.

Bill and I’s decision to move our flight to tomorrow has turned out to be wise since a) a foot of snow and b) Newark is closed. Thank goodness that instead of being stranded in New Jersey, we are warmly seated at Perfect Blend, Bill’s favorite coffee shop, enjoying mocha, chai, and Wifi courtesy of the Dutch Reformed Church up the street. We’re going to have real New York pizza for lunch, then I have to make a snow angel and take more pictures for Grammy and others back home, followed by apples charlotte at home along with Bill’s fried chicken and my spice cookies for dinner : ) Hopefully the weather will allow for us to see Dave and Corey some time before we leave too.

It has to be said that I am not looking forward to work soon, especially since it will be after flying back to DFW, driving to Gilmer, then driving to Houston, all in one day. I mean, we’ve been living in luxury with delicious goose and fondue, destinations we can walk to, and a spa day for Ms. Mercy and I. Driving 30 minutes both ways in 70 degree almost-January weather just won’t quite be the same.

Bill has taken to making fun of my layers for our stay up here and even called me “Layer Cake” this morning since my braving-the-wind-chill-and-foot-of-snow outfit took me 10 minutes to put on, but so far I’ve stayed pretty warm up in Delmar. My poor little face gets cold very easily, but by wearing 3 shirts at once and thermal leggings under my jeans I’ve stayed pretty toasty for the most part. Luckily, the cold hasn’t triggered any sinus symptoms in Bill or made my nosebleeds flare up at all.ย It became obvious, however, that my lungs weren’t used to the cold, though, when we trudged the block and a half to the coffee shop through the snow and I started sounding like an asthmatic middle school gym student.

Since we’re nice and warm now, I’m going to read and watch the snow blow by while Bill translates Gothic just like he would if we were home. We’ll be back in Texas and missing any semblance of winter soon enough, so it’s time for me to soak it in (while not getting chilled). Merry post-Christmas!


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