Remembering Christmas before the New Year

Remembering Christmas before the New Year

Ok, we’ve been back from Delmar for 3 days now and I haven’t had a nice Christmas recap. I looked up and it was suddenly New Year’s Eve and there’s no post on the blog singing the praises of our trip up to the snowy North and Bill’s fantastic family. Shame on me. Sure, there were a few little blogs while we were up there, but the Delmar Whites deserve much more than that. The 4 days of travel and work since we left have made exact timing and details a little fuzzy because of my Swiss cheese memory, but I’ll try to sum it up.

Before we headed up to New York, we had Christmas with my parents, brother, and Mendy. Mommy liked her kangaroo print from Etsy and James Taylor Christmas CD, we got Daddy another battery for his Ryobi set, The League Season 1 for Brother, and The Boozy Baker for Mendy. Bill got showered in coffee and whisky related gifts, my lap was full of penguins and aprons, and Bueller got a stuffed platypus that he ADORES. You hide little squeaky eggs in it for him to ferret out and it’s his new favorite thing. The next morning we waved goodbye to Bueller, Finny, and the parents and headed up to DFW to fly up North. Our check-in was smooth as could be though our first plane was delayed a tiny bit. Newark was more of a pain because our gate and time changed 3 times and I almost got airport-arrested for forgetting my bag after the gate agent scanned my boarding pass and running back down the jetway to retrieve it. Hint: you should check with the gate agent, not run past her. Our flight up to Albany from Newark was bumpy from the wind and we had the most annoying and noisy folks seated behind us, but we landed in Albany without too many hitches. And then I finally met Ms. Mercy and Mr. Don : )

The next days are summarized in the last few posts, but to reiterate: we had an amazing time. Ms. Mercy and Mr. Don were nice enough to let us stay in their room so Bill didn’t have to sleep on the couch, I finally got to meet Dave after being Twitter friends, JJ was a bundle of hyper adorableness, there was wine at dinner every night, the snow was beautiful, Ms. Mercy and I had a great time at the spa followed by kier and fried oysters, Bill got a Perfect Blend mug, I got to see all the places Bill grew up and enjoy an actual you-can-walk-to-things small town, and every night I fell asleep so happy. I had bouillabaisse, apples charlotte and goose for the first time, though I never got a real Jewish bagel. We didn’t make it up to Vermont because of the snow, but I made a snow angel for Grammy instead. I marveled at Ms. Mercy’s 2 beautiful Christmas trees in the Whites’ amazing home and am now motivated to make our house much more tidy and pretty. Though I had to wear tights under my pants every day, I actually enjoyed the cold weather if I wasn’t out in it too much. And, very importantly, Bill got to spend some actual time with his family for the first time in a long while. We left New York feeling thoroughly spoiled and loved by the Delmar Whites.

Unfortunately, our trip back to Texas wasn’t nearly as calming as our visit to Delmar. We somehow forgot to say goodbye to Mr. Don before we left, the TSA agent in the airport wouldn’t approve Bill’s checked gun case even though it had passed through security screening at DFW just 5 days before, there were little tiny babies AND infants on both of our flights, the flight from Cleveland was delayed an hour, then sat on the tarmac for a while, and then took even longer than planned to get to DFW, we got stuck in traffic in Dallas, and then we had to drive 7 hours from Dallas to Gilmer and then Gilmer to Houston. God bless Bill for driving the whole way and letting me nap since I had work the next day. Tuesday night was wonderful though because we were reunited with Bueller and Finny and got to see my folks again. Bue and Finn had such a wonderful time at Grandkate and Grandpa Lynn’s house; they told us Finn followed Daddy around like a puppy and that Bueller and Baxter are now BFFs. My parents even managed to get Bueller to beg less at the table and sit/shake before he got his dinner! Unfortunately, missing us made Bueller’s neck condition flare back up but we’re hoping it will calm down again soon.

Since we’ve returned, Bill’s been very pleased to get back into WoW with the puggle by his side and I’m having a great time at work and sleeping in our bed surrounded by warm fuzzy kiddoes. Dinner isn’t the same without the Delmar Whites, but I feel so blessed that I finally got to meet them and that I didn’t embarrass Bill too much while we were up there ; ) Last night, I finally got all the bags unpacked though no laundry’s been done, all the Christmas things are still up, and the house needs cleaned like no one’s business. That’s what the weekend is for!

Speaking of the weekend, we have a New Year’s Eve party to go to tonight! Adam & Kristin are having a little shindig at their place downtown, so Bill and I are helping out with eatables. I pre-made 24 full-size chocolate cupcakes and 24 mini champagne cupcakes (yay new pans from my sister!) along with mint-marshmallow, alcoholic eggnog, and champagne frosting last night, Bill’s got a nice bottle of white Ruffino chilling in our fridge and we’re also bringing cheese fondue and baked brie. I’m really looking forward to all the deliciousness, seeing our Houston friends, and having my first New Year’s with Bill! (Sidenote: I’ve never spent NYE with anyone because of travel and whatnot. Weird times.)

So, I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve 2010 and that 2011 treats you well! I’m looking forward to a year filled with my classicist, the pugglebutt and finnmonster, and continued employment. Happy 2011 y’all!


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