Good Things: Friday

Good Things: Friday

  • I’ve made chai for my morning caffeine for the past two mornings and it has been delicious: 3 parts chai tea bag steeped in not-quite-boiling water + 1 part milk, vanilla extract, and 2 spoons of sugar microwaved = NOM NOM NOM
  • Last night’s Bones and 30 Rock were both hilarious!
  • Bill actually went to bed when I did last night and we stayed up late just talking about everything and playing word association games. This always makes my heart happy : )
  • Today is the one-year anniversary of my first interview for my current job, the first time I ever met my Boss. So I made her a card : )
  • We’re going to dinner at Ruby Tequila’s with Zach tonight, yum!
  • Since it’s supposed to be rainy tomorrow and Bill & I are both getting sick of being in town, we’re taking a mini-cation up to Waco tomorrow so I can see where he went to college and such. And I’m REALLY EXCITED. Not because it’s Waco, just because I am looking so forward to a trip with Bubbie and getting outta Houston.
  • I’m just one business card’s worth of information away with finishing (and getting paid) for my first big freelance job AND they might keep me on for their website design as well : )
  • I’m also almost done with a website for Boss’ brother-in-law.
  • This week has been Beffie, Uncle Doug, and my cousin Dylan’s birthdays! Happy birthday, all you awesome folks!
  • Grocery date on Sunday : )

One thought on “Good Things: Friday

  1. Emily. I love chai tea too! Also, I finally did it and created one of these. You’ll probably be the only one who will read it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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