Bragging on Bill: or the Tale of the Missing Spectacles

Bragging on Bill: or the Tale of the Missing Spectacles

Today, for the first time since I’ve had them, I left my glasses at home. They’d gotten gathered up with my iPod and phone when I was cleaning off my desk at home last night before I went to bed, but didn’t get packed back in their customary pocket of my argyle Land’s End tote. This morning they sat neglected on my bedside table when I missed them in the dim, rainy light of the 7:15 alarm, even their absence un-noted until I got settled in my desk and started searching through my bag for them.

There were a few comments from co-workers who had never seen me glasses-less before, commenting on my youthful appearance though I’m pretty sure my under-eye circles probably should’ve warranted comment as well. I sent a quick message off to Bill as I began what was bound to be a squinty day, asking if he’d encountered my glasses or their red case from Beijing that says White Barn Candle Co for some reason anywhere in the apartment during his morning routine. There was a chance I’d left them out in my truck, but the weather was cold and windy so I didn’t want to trundle out to check without confirmation they weren’t at home.

After a bit, the notification of a message from the Bill appeared: “Do you want me to bring them in to you? I wouldn’t be able to function without my glasses at the computer. I love you!” My heart, and that of every girl in the office, melted immediately. “You don’t have to!” I assured him, “It’s gross outside and I’ll be ok squinting all day” But he wore me down, asked if I wanted him to run out, that it was no big deal. So I let him : )

About an hour later, there was a Bill at work’s doorstep with my glasses and a headband he thought I was missing, asking if I wanted to take an early lunch with him. I skipped to meet him out in the cold, misty, gross rain and let him take me out. He braved the treacherous roads, crappy drivers, and even stopped to get gas to make it out to me so I didn’t have to squint all day. Truly, he is the best of Bills, the very very best. : )


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