Since we already spilled the beans…

Since we already spilled the beans…

might as well let the blog know too: Bill and I are engaged! Yay!

First things first: William most emphatically did NOT propose to me on Valentine’s Day, it’s just the day we decided that we were brave enough to tell people. We’ve actually been engaged for two days now : )

Other questions I think you’d probably like answered:

1. How did it happen?
We were having a pretty typical evening, chattering on about this and that, making some dinner, petting the puggle. Eventually our conversation turned itself around to some rings we’d been looking at on Etsy. I’d been perusing Etsy for engagement wear while at work because it was a slow week, but Bill had gotten more interested in the process recently so we were looking at the choice items online that evening. I was curious as to why Bill decided to start looking as well and he told me it was because of a sound clip he’d found online from voice-over artist Scott Fletcher, which he then started on his computer.

“This is Scott Fletcher, announcer for the Frogpants Studio podcasts, including The Morning Stream, The Instance, and Film Sack” came booming out of the Mac’s speakers, then a pause.
“This is a message from Bill White… Emily Manck will you marry me?”Another pause as I start to hyperventilate.
“This is apparently not a joke” (You can click here to listen to it yourself!)

And the first words out of my mouth were, “Are you serious?” and then I started to cry. And Bill said I had to answer and I said yes or of course or something like that and made him come over and sit with me as I cried and made him move his grandmother’s ring to my left hand. Then he played the sweet announcement Scott Fletcher had recorded for our wedding (click here for that or here for the funny one) and then we had to go stir the macaroni and cheese on the stove while I sat on the kitchen floor and tried to regulate my breathing and adjust to being engaged. And we spent the rest of the night laughing and planning for the future… and I cried a lot. I’m a crier!

2. How did your parents react?
All of them (and our siblings) were very excited! I think they were expecting it a little bit : ) My dad only gave Bill a little heck for not asking him first and my mom didn’t even cry! Ms. Mercy and Mr. Don told Bill that they were proud of us. We’re blessed with really fantastic parents who are quite supportive and we’re very thankful for it. I really love Ms. Mercy and Mr. Don and Bill feels the same way about my parents so that helps too!

3. What does the ring look like?
We’re having it made custom (etsy for the win!)  so it’s not here yet, but it looks like this with white rather than red stones. Until it gets here, I have to wear my class ring because one of the stones fell out his Bill’s Nan’s ring that I was wearing.

4. When are y’all gonna get hitched?
While my father shockingly said that we shouldn’t put it off until everything’s perfect because it never will be, we’re not going to start planning the wedding until Bill has a job. We both feel like we’re starting our own family when we get married, so we should be able to support ourselves more fully before we’re ready for that. (aren’t we just so mature?)

So, expect lots of updated and gushing at whatnot about our continuing engagement, eventual wedding, and subsequent marriage! : D


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