About the Venue

About the Venue

So, I changed up the menu at the top of this here blog a little bit so you can jump straight to the wedding posts if you want. After doing so, I realized that I should probably put some more content into that section besides just: hey, we’re engaged!,  hey, there’s a ring!we’re planning! and we promise we’re planning! As such, it’s time to tell you about the venue : )

We’re getting hitched Saturday, March 10th in La Grange, TX at Lutherhill Ministries. Lutherhill, straight off their own website is: “a Summer Camp and Year Round Retreat Center. It is a great place for youth and adults to explore God’s world and word. People of all faiths are welcome to come and enjoy our 85 acres of wooded and wide open spaces.” I found it by some crazy complicated Googling after our first grand idea of getting married at a historic church here in Houston fell through. What really sold me on investigating them was this blog entry from Whitney Lee Photography featuring a wedding held there. I mean, look at that chapel! Bill loved that they were a) affordable, b) not urban/Houstonian and c) seemingly perfectly made for us.

Photo from Whitney Lee Photography

Once I contacted them, I was blown away by how kind and helpful they’ve been (not to mention their awesome price and accommodations). They haven’t even balked once at my bajillion questions! We’re very much looking forward to getting married out in the beauty of the Texas countryside, surrounded by our family and friends. It reminds me a lot of my childhood in Gilmer, camping with my family all over the country and the many years spent at the PC(USA)’s summer camps. They’re a great venue also because they include their tables and chairs in the price, let us have our rehearsal the night before at no extra cost, allow us to bring in our own booze without a TABC licensed bartender and offer catering services in-house or we can bring in our own.

Our ceremony and reception will both be held in the beautiful Carby Chapel Center looking out over the camp. Both before the wedding and the night after, we’re so lucky to have many of our family and friends able to stay in Lutherhill’s lodging right there! They have several retreat lodgings with everything from bunkbeds to singles, so we’re gonna be having Camp Emily and Bill out in La Grange that weekend : ) It’s a triple win because the lodging there is much more affordable than a hotel, we don’t have to worry about people stumbling back to a hotel post-reception imbibing, and we get to have our folks all around us as well.

So, that’s the place! And the time! What do you think?


4 thoughts on “About the Venue

  1. This is so much better, even two blog entries in one day! A banquet of Manck news. Lutherhill looks lovely and a perfect fit for what you two want to be able to do. I already bookmarked several new dresses that might be appropriate mother of the groom attire. Let me know how dolled up you want me and your mom to be … and a color scheme when you’ve decided. I’m sure your control binder reminds Bill of the one I prepared when we did the “Great Southern” road trip to visit colleges. Carry it with you when you deal with folk as they will be cowed by your efficiency. Exciting times, love Ms. Mercy

  2. I honestly think Bill himself might be a little cowed by my binder since I barely let it out of my sight ; ) It’s giving me a wonderfully soothing feeling of nostalgia for my hyper-organized college days as well.

    As for colors, we’re looking at blues and purples with yellow and whites in the flowers, if that helps. I will make my next wedding post all about the palette, in fact! That’ll give me an excuse to pin Bill down and make him look at photos of other weddings in any case. : P

    We’re going to try to make it down to La Grange next weekend for a tour of Lutherhill, so expect some more logistics and photos afterwards. The wedding from that photography blog had both their ceremony and reception in the Chapel, but I’m not sure if it was set up separately on two different levels or they flipped it midway through. Gotta get some answers!

  3. Hi there! I was the photographer for this wedding you speak of, and they flipped it for the reception while the guests had cocktail hour outside. Something to Celebrate is an awesome team, and they pulled it off so quickly!
    I’m glad the photos helped you make a big decision!

    congratulations on your engagement 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your congratulations! The pictures played a huge role in our decision and they were gorgeous : )

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