Works in Progress

Works in Progress

Since I totally spaced last night and didn’t dig up the color board pictures I apparently saved on my home lappy but didn’t put in one of my many multi-computer syncing systems, our next wedding post will be about what’s in progress for these here nuptials instead. I have become, or at least have developed into more of, a complete to-do list freak about this wedding. There are at least 7 different permutations of wedding to-dos in my binder, some printed off from wedding planning sites, some scribbled on 4×6 index cards, and some actually housed in page protectors. This practice of listing what’s been done and what needs to be done is simultaneously keeping me sane and driving me bananas. Every time I think I can check something off the list, I am greeted with the bajillion things that still must be done. Thank the good Lord for the help of the internet, for without it I would be completely overwhelmed with all the vendors and necessities I have no idea how to find.

So, here’s what we already have taken care of:

  • Venue! We’re going to visit Lutherhill Sunday so we can determine if we need 2 buildings for the ceremony/reception or not. Much of my stress is stemming from trying to track down who will/won’t be staying with us since we have to include lodging in our wedding agreement. But, at least we know that’s where it’ll be (at least we will after we turn in the agreement and put down the deposit)
  • Date! Yay for getting married in the spring!
  • Guest list! The hidden blessing of having to establish our lodging now is that we also already tracked down all but 3 addresses and decided on the guest list.
  • Attendants! We decided to just have 1 attendant each so as to not step on toes, etc, so we’re just going with Zach and Bef. They’re awesome : )
  • Wedding website! Yesterday, I cobbled together our website with the pertinent information about us and the shindig. You can see it here.
Here’s what’s in progress:
  • Catering: I’ve gotten back several quotes from different BBQ companies, so we need to make a decision on that pretty soon so they don’t get booked on us. So far, Pokejo’s BBQ in Austin seems like they’ll be the best fit because they provide beverages, dishware, servers and buffet tables. They’re also the most affordable so far, we just need to make sure they’re tasty!
  • Photographer: Tonight, I have a call with Elissa R who is awesome and available for our date! If something doesn’t work out with her, there are a few other photographers in my inbox who said they were available as well. Bill is super-unenthused about the cost of photography. I have told him to sit on it : P
  • Print goods: The designs are done, we just need to decide on some wording here and there and add in our wedding website. As soon as Lutherhill is officially booked, it’s time to order them save the dates!
  • Registry: Well, I created the registries for us at Target, Crate & Barrel, and William-Sonoma, but for now they’re empty. It’s still something though : ) Some day soon, we’ll get to grab the little scanner guns and go crazy!
And here’s what I haven’t really started/gotten a handle on:
  • Officiant: Oh my goodness this is giving me such a freaking headache. In case you were wondering, most professional wedding officiants seem like kooks and charge a goodly ton (to me). Bill and I went through our Facebook friends lists the other day to try to see who we could get Universal Life Church ordained and we’re only kidding a little. We’re gonna write the damn ceremony ourselves anyway, I just need someone who is legally allowed to marry us!
  • Attire: Bill wants to wear a frock coat.. so we need to find and decide on one. I have to find a dress, which freaks me out because my mom isn’t in the state, Bef can’t come down, they’re expensive, etc, etc, etc. Really need to pull the trigger on that and make an appointment to go look at dress, but I really don’t want to : /
  • Ring: Since Bill will be wearing his grandpa’s ring, we don’t have to worry about him, but we need to decide if we’ll get a ring added to my engagement ring (which would be complicated and Bill doesn’t want to do that since the pearl is delicate) or just find me a wedding band. Which we would have to do at some point.
  • Cake: Will I make it? Should we hire someone to make it? Whom should we hire? From where? This one’s overwhelming me too, and I’m not sure why.
  • Hair: Would it look alright if I did my own/entrusted friends with it? I’m not really a fancy hair person, but I don’t want to look mussed, messy or lazy in our photos… I really don’t want to track down some person I don’t know in La Grange to charge me way too much to do it though.
  • The logisitics of lodging: I set up a ‘seating chart’ online to try and figure out who should go where, but it’s kind of overwhelming since we don’t have Bill’s friends’ RSVPs yet (though we do have their addresses). Trying to get family together, but not in bunks is proving to be a pain in the tookus.
And things that aren’t very stressful, but do need to be done:
  • Favors: I’m thinking custom shot glasses (since I collect them) filled with.. coffee beans or something? I don’t know, it’s very vague but not very worrisome. Maybe custom coozies since we’re providing our own booze? Speaking of which…
  • Booze: Before the wedding, we need to go out and buy all the alcohol and glasses for that. We already made a list of what we’ll need to get and the quantities, based on a handy tool from Real Simple, so that just can’t be dealt with any more in-depth until later in the process.
  • Flowers: We’re planning on just doing/arranging our own with what’s available at HEB/Wal-Mart that weekend, so I’m not too worried about that. Since our centerpieces will probably be flowers in mason jars, there will only be 2 bouquets, and Bill doesn’t want boutonnieres, easy peasy! If I feel really crafty, I might make some paper and/or fabric flowers to use as filler in case there aren’t enough yellow/white flowers then. The only worry there is getting flowers that have certain significance for our families, but I can arrange that with a local florist/order them wholesale.
Looking over that list, it’s not SO overwhelming. A lot of our big things are taken care of and/or in progress, so that’s good. Hopefully I get a handle on the things that are freaking me out soon : ) Deep breaths, positive thoughts. If tonight’s call with the photographer goes well, that’ll definitely help.

2 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. It was John that Don was in the grocery store for. With Bill, he almost missed his birth as he was still parking the car after leaving me off at the hospital. (Nan was with me.) Bill was born in 48 minutes from the time I got there and my gyno came later, reading my fetal monitor and saying he should be born any minute now when actually we were just waiting for the placenta.

  2. Oh no, my history of bolluxing up family stories continues! I will definitely fix it on the website, thanks Ms. Mercy! : )

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