Wanna see the venue?

Wanna see the venue?

Today, Bill and I went out to La Grange to see Lutherhill, where we’ll be getting hitched. And HOLY MOLY IT IS AMAZING!

A) The chapel is beautiful, like beyond my biggest dreams beautiful. See the photos below:
B) The ‘turn-around fee’ of the staff switching the chapel from ceremony to reception area is included, awesome!
C) While they flip the chapel, we’re having a little ‘cocktail hour’ out on the deck, how fun!
D) The housing is swank, like nicer than any camp I’ve ever been to, like hotel-y!
E) Bueller is allowed to come, hooray!
F) The woman who showed us around today, Kristin, was super-nice and even gave me a hug before we left : )

Here’s a video Bill took so you can get a better feel for how the exterior flows : ) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4958632/IMG_0222.MOV


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