Of the weekend and the coming weekends.

Of the weekend and the coming weekends.

Manckwhite Weekend Activities:
– watched the varsity football team rock the first half of their homecoming game… and then peter out to a loss
– chaperoned the homecoming dance, where we saw ~1000 teenagers lose their mind for Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe… but not know the moves to Thriller
– didn’t get to bed until way too late both nights, turning us in to Monday zombies

Manckwhite Weekend Discoveries:
– the fresh pizza dough from HEB is only $2 and is delicious
– HEB now sells mead, which Bill is pretty sure shows society is progressing admirably
– equal parts dish soap (preferably blue Dawn) and vinegar, mixed in a spray bottle, sprayed and left for an hour, makes soap scum wipe off like magic, which used to take 1.5 hours and 3 Magic Erasers of work

Manckwhite Future Busy-ness:
– this weekend: A Midsummer Night’s Dream at school on Friday, box lacrosse on Saturday?
– next weekend: visit up to the homestead to visit the parents, assemble the bed in my old room, and drop off/dispose of wedding items stored in our truck
– the next weekend: free weekend – start to pack for Thanksgiving and moving
– the next, next weekend: drive to New York for Thanksgiving/Christmas combo
– the next, next, next weekend: drive back from New York
– the next, next, next, next weekend: move.
And then it’s December. Sheesh.


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