Bueller ain’t no bummer!

Bueller ain’t no bummer!

I’m not gonna lie folks, I’m having a pretty cruddy day today. An opportunity that I was really excited, and have been working towards since July, about fell through earlier today and I’m pretty bummed about it. I’m trying not to dwell on it though, so let’s look at Bueller instead!

Starting with Christmas 2009 (my first with my in-laws), I’ve made my father-in-law, Mr. Don, a calendar with illustrations of Bueller for each month. Last year, I got Bill one for Bill’s classroom as well; his classes really enjoy each month’s themed Bueller since Bill talks about him all the time. I have them printed at Shutterfly because they let me include our family holidays and important events with little Bueller illustrations as well. This is my 3rd year working on the Bueller calendar and I think it’s the best yet! So, here’s some of the 2013 Buellers : )

Sidenote: Ms. Mercy, do not show these to Mr. Don! He has to wait until Thanksgiving ; )



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