Sleepy, Sore and Not Done Yet

Sleepy, Sore and Not Done Yet

This weekend, we expected to take just one day to move into a sparkling new apartment with the help of several of the kids from Bill’s school, followed by a leisurely Sunday of unpacking. Instead, on Saturday we walked into an apartment that the complex had forgotten to prepare (i.e. uncleaned, un-repainted) and only got about half of our stuff moved with the help of 3 boys, all in record highs and humidity. We did get all of the heavy furniture moved and the bed assembled for sleeping in at least.

Saturday night, we also found that our air conditioner and washing machine were broken. Sunday morning, after an early wake up because it was 80 degrees in the apartment and the cat was yowling, we went out and bought a new desk for Bill and some breakfast.

I assembled the new desk while Bill brought over more loads from the old apartment. We got a few more heavy loads over post-desk-assembly, then Bill went down to the apartment office to talk to them about what needed to be cleaned and to tell them our air conditioning was broken. I was able to unpack our library, at least, while we waited on the satellite guy to come install our dish, but we haven’t been able to unpack anything into the kitchen or bathroom since we’re waiting on the apartment guys to come clean today.

So, now we’re exhausted, beat up, and not done either moving out or in, and there’s still more to go. I will try to be a good blogger while at work this week, but I have no kitchen right now, so no recipes for just a while yet. So sorry!

No Christmas decorating, no kitchen unpacking, no food in the pantry or fridge, but at least we have our bed and closets set up, (very heavy) couches and functional Directv in the living room, and internet today. Hopefully we’ll come home to a sparkling apartment and fixed washing machine tonight to start bringing the remaining 1/5 of our things over from the old apartment.

I hope that you’re enjoying a non-80s December where ever you are! Keep the very whipped ManckWhites in your thoughts : )


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