Small Cat Scare

Small Cat Scare

I’m still a bit shaky about it so I won’t say too much, but yesterday afternoon our little cat, Finnegan, went missing and the ManckWhites were distraught. Between general moving stress and the workmen coming into our apartment to clean, Finny was very scared and stressed and confused.

Suffice it to say, after Bill’s frantic searching and my panicked drive home, we found our Finn safe and sound. He was obviously freaked out and needed lots of Mommy snuggles, but he is just fine now. Last night he even got to sleep with us in the bedroom (instead of shut in the bathroom) as a comfort; he shocked us by staying in bed with us all night instead of being loud/destructive, which is why he usually sleeps in the bathroom.

Yesterday afternoon was probably the most panicked and scared I’ve been in a long, long time, but we came out of it as a safe and secure family, all together at the end of the day. After the panic subsided and I stopped sobbing, I was left profoundly grateful for my house full of boys:

  • Bill for searching and advocating so hard for Finn to the complex and loving Finn even though he’s a pain
  • Bueller for being my sweet snuggle puggle
  • Finnegan for keeping himself safe when he certainly could have hurt himself badly and for being our little bundle of crazy sauce

I am so, so lucky and blessed to have my wonderful boys : ) And special thanks to my Mom and Delores at work for calming me down so I didn’t wreck driving home or panic to the point of hyperventilation.

Today I’m still sporting very puffy eyes from crying and a tremendous sense of relief that fuzzbutt was safe and sound. In celebration of Finnegan’s safe return, please enjoy an immense number of pictures of our little redhead. And please hug everyone and everypet you love very hard for me and Bill today.


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