Three Quarters

Three Quarters

It’s the 10th of December which means that this is Bill and I’s 9-month wedding anniversary! In celebration of this lovely day, I’ve decided to share nine things I love about my lovely husband and our marriage. Cheesy and wonderful ; )

  1. We are totally one, unified unit. We stand up for each other, no matter what, while still serving as reliable sounding boards to detect and vanquish the crazy.
  2. Bill’s favorite tie is his wedding tie; he wears it at least once a week. I love that that reminder of our wedding is with him so often : )Photo by
  3. We are really good at splitting up tasks to each other’s strengths so we get jobs done quickly and well.Photo by
  4. It’s dorky, but I love playing WoW with my husband. He helps me out when I’m confused and we get to go on adventures together, all from the comfort of our home.
  5. I love my in-laws and I’m so glad that I ‘got them’ in the marriage ; )Photo by
  6. The way Bill loves Bueller and Finnegan is heart-warming. Seeing my husband all snuggled up with the ‘kids’ makes me all fuzzy inside. No one is more comforting to me than Bill. He holds me together on days I feel like I’ll fall apart.Photo by
  7. We understand each other’s homebody and introvert, so it’s easy to be open about being in a funk or needing time out of public.
  8. Seeing Bill as a role model to his students and athletes at school is so cool! The boys respect his experience and knowledge in this awesome way and come to him for advice. It’s so neat.emily-bill-wedding-310-WEB
  9. We are in contact with each other all day from work via Dropbox and iMessages, and we always make sure to say I love you!

So, happy anniversary, bubbie! I love you more than I think I even understand myself. Thank you for being my husband, my rock, and my best friend. I’m so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with you, love : )

Bill and I with our first apartment
Bill and I with our first apartment

All photos (except the first and last) © Elissa R Photography. She’s awesome!


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