That’s Mancktastic!

That’s Mancktastic!

It’s time for a new ‘segment’ here on Mancktastic: That’s Mancktastic! With this segment, I’ll share with you some awesome things I’ve stumbled upon and used recently. It might be recipes from elsewhere, products, apps or just great ideas! So, without further ado, here’s the inaugural That’s Mancktastic!

  • In the spirit of the New Year and resolutions, I’ve been working on goals and ways to better myself. Yesterday I found 2 great iPhone apps to help track my progress and keep me mindful of my blessings:
    • Good Habits follows the Jerry Seinfeld classic advice on how to create a habit: track it on a calendar and try not to break the calendar. You set daily habits you want to follow, then check them off each day as you complete them. This app is that rare combination of free, visually pleasing, and easy-to-use. As you can see, I have a lot of reading to do, but I’m also making time for video games and blogging 😉 Since I am very motivated by progress and goals, trying to keep a habit-chain unbroken really works for me.

      That reminds me: I need to take my vitamins!
    • GratitudeDiary is a basic app in the spirit of a line-a-day diary. Once a day, you enter something you are thankful at the moment. As time goes on, you can look back over what you were thankful and when to reflect on your blessing on good days or look back to better times on tough days.
  • I hope that some of you make a delicious Roast Chicken based on yesterday’s recipe because I have a great follow-up idea: use the chicken and potatoes left over from your initial dinner to make a Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie later in the week! Last night, Bill and I enjoyed a tasty pot pie with less work since the chicken and potatoes were already cooked for us. As a bonus idea, top your puff pastry with a thin coat of raspberry preserves! It adds a crunchy sweetness to the crust without being too fruity. Check out the neat way it turned out last night:

    Mmmm… pot pie
  • Though I’ve never been a big genealogy hunter, I came across some neat info about my family on today. It turns out my 95-year-old Grammy’s father lived to be 96 and HIS mother lived to 98! How astounding is that?! Also, my great-grandfather’s name was Quinley, after his mother’s maiden name; doesn’t that sound like a trendy little girl’s name for nowadays? Now, check out how beautiful and lively Grammy is in this picture, while ignoring that Bill and I are crushing her : )

    This is my current most-favorite picture in the whole world!
    This is my current most-favorite picture in the whole world!
  • Bill and I have become Keurig connoisseurs ever since we got our machine for Christmas, and last night we found our favorite K-cups yet! Sweet and Creamy Iced Coffee K-cups from the Donut Shop have a nice, mild coffee flavor, with creamer and sweetener included in the cup without the heavy taste you can get from added syrups. You get a nice cup of iced coffee, sweetened and creamer-ed at only 80 calories in just one step! These just came in last night, but they may be all gone by the time I get home…

    The newest facet to Bill's caffeine addiction
    The newest facet to Bill’s caffeine addiction

I hope that you also find some of these things Mancktastic! Tomorrow I’ll be back with a new recipe : )


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