Grey and lovely

Grey and lovely

It’s a grey and rainy day here in Houston and I am loving it! The overcast day seems to last longer for both more accomplishment and more relaxation.

We actually got to sleep in a little today, followed by a random highway drive to charge up the battery and then a trip to the grocery store. Our very nice bagger pointed out that one the clementines in my bag was punctured and let me run back to get a new one; a very kindly gesture on what, I’m sure, was a busy Saturday for her.

After unpacking groceries, Bill and I did the dishes, then worked on our video game goals. It’s silly, but I get a good deal of fulfillment out of the rewards in WoW, and I love playing with my husband : ) Since Epiphany is tomorrow, we de-Christmased the house today as well. All of our decor still fits in 3 tubs, which is pretty amazing. It’s nice to reminisce over all of our ornaments as we take them down. I was really bummed to take down the Christmas decor around our kitchen copper, so I put the white tree lights up above the cabinets to give us a little uplighting. It looks awesome!


On our afternoon puggle wuggle, I picked up our new duvet cover from the office and it is adorable! We’d seen it in Target months ago and loved the owls on it, so when it went on clearance we snapped it up! It’s very soft and silky, while still machine-washable. Bill’s pillow cover even has the owls on it, which he loves because they are his favorite : )


After a quick trip to Target to pick up my prescription, I made a dinner I’d really been looking forward to: Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Tart. The recipe will be on the blog Monday and you should be excited! It turned out more of a quiche than a tart, but Bill said it was one of the top 10 things I’d ever made. I’m looking forward to the leftovers for breakfast/dinner : )

Now, we’re settled in for a relaxing evening: our last weekend before it’s back to school for the husband. Tomorrow, I will iron work clothes and we will clean the house, but for tonight I think it’s time for wine and maybe some Sherlock. Oh, and the box lacrosse season starts tonight, hurrah!

Have a lovely Saturday : )


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