A Sunday of Projects!

A Sunday of Projects!

It was another productive day in the ManckWhite apartment today! After falling asleep watching the NLL opening game, we slept in a bit and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and coffee while mapping out the day’s tasks. Bill tackled dishwasher unloading, tidying and vacuuming while I handled dishwasher loading, surface scrubbing, sweeping and mopping. After just a few hours, the apartment was gleaming and fresh : )

Here Bueller demonstrates how nicely he coordinates with our new bedding. Isn’t it darling?

As a reward for successful cleaning, we treated ourselves to delicious Greek food at Niko Niko’s, enjoying the clear winter weather as we went. For some reason, the city was busy and bustling with traffic and diners, so we didn’t stay out too long.

When we returned home I still had the do-something bug, so I decided to tackle the last undecorated wall in the apartment. We don’t have a table in there yet (though we’re planning on building(!) one this year with our friends), the big wall still needed to be decorated! During wedding planning we’d accumulated a large number of family pictures, so I decided to use those in addition to the beautiful flat copper pieces that Ms. Mercy has given us over the years. It took a few hours to get things measured and hung, and I’m still in need of one plate hanger, but it turned out really well!

I’m still working on making the darn frames hang straight.

On the top row, from left to right, are my maternal grandparents’ wedding picture, my paternal grandparents’ high school graduation picture, Bill’s paternal grandma, and a picture of his maternal grandparents. The next level down is a wedding photo of the two of us dancing with a copper heart pan below. The plate that’s actually hanging up is one that Bill’s Nan painted in 1927! These are flanked by my parents’ wedding photo on the left and Bill’s parents’ engagement photo on the right. Under my parents are a picture of my family in 1988 when we lived in Florida, a portrait of my Grampy on an oil rig, a great photo of toddler-me with my Grammy, and a photo of all my siblings with my dad. Under Bill’s parents are a picture of Ms. Mercy in her kitchen, kindergarten-Bill in his devil costume for Halloween, Mr. Don at home and Bill’s brother John holding Bueller like a baby. The bottom plaque was a gift from Mercy that says “Families are joined heart to heart. Time and distance can’t break them apart” : )

Now that the majority of our work is done, it’s time for some relaxing with leftovers for dinner before Iron Chef America comes on and I begin ironing. How’s that for a productive Sunday? Let’s hope that the week goes as smoothly.


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