2013 Goal Progress – Week 1

2013 Goal Progress – Week 1

It’s been a week since I started tracking my goals with the Good Habits app, so I figured it’s time for a update on my progress! I’ve actually been doing pretty well, except for one that I messed up by simply not having what I needed, doy. Nothing’s really become a habit yet since it’s just been a week, but I’m pretty proud of my consistency thus far : )


  1. Read Laudate (successful 7  of 7 days)Laudate is an iPhone app that, among other Catholic things, tells me about the saint of the day and gives me the day readings that would be used in church. I read these every day before I get out of bed and then tell Bill about the day’s saint. While I’m not Catholic, my husband and his school are, so I like to find out a bit of Catholic history and start my day off with some Bible reading which is always good. This is probably the closest to becoming a habit yet since I start it sort of mindlessly every morning.
  2. Read Bible plan (successful 7  of 7 days) – I use YouVersion for my non-Laudate Bible readings either during my lunch break at work or while unwinding at home. The two plans I’m using right now are She Reads Truth: Fresh Start for some devotional action and Eat This Book to re-read the whole Bible this year. Eat This Book is particularly nice because I get a few chapters at a time, plus a Psalm to round it out! While Bill poohpoohs it as nonsense, my preferred translation is The Message which is sort of a paraphrase based on the original languages, not sticking to strict verse count. It’s a ‘reading Bible’, so it’s more palatable for non-in-depth-study reading.
  3. Take Vitamins (successful 5 of 7 days) – This is my only non-successful chain of the week because I forgot my vitamins at work this weekend! Since I work for a supplement manufacturer, I have easy access to very good vitamins and I just left them at work without thinking. Monday morning I filled a pill box to use at home with my supplements, so hopefully I won’t botch this one again!
  4. Exercise (successful 7  of 7 days) – Totally the most shocking success! After many unsuccessful (and a few successful) attempts to integrate exercise into my every day life, I stumbled across some insights that have helped me stick with this goal. I need to be able to exercise quickly, without getting embarrassed, without leaving the house plus some sort of reward motivator. What’s worked for me so far is a combination of a simple exercises that rotate throughout the week and tracking with Fitocracy, an app that gives me points and levels for my efforts. I found the schedule below on Pinterest and it’s really worked for me; on Sundays, I have Bill pick another day at random for me to do.
  5. Gratitude Journal (successful 7  of 7 days) – I don’t think I’m getting a huge sense of overall gratitude with this goal, but it is nice to sit down at the end of the day to reminisce about what I’m grateful for. The main challenge I’ve had with it is not just putting Bill and Bueller as what I’m grateful for every day ; )
  6. Take a photo (successful 7  of 7 days) – If you’ve been watching the sidebar or follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen my daily pictures as they go up! I’m looking forward to making a photo book at the end of the year with all the daily photos : )
  7. Blog (successful 7  of 7 days) – Well, you’ve been here, haven’t you? Some have been recipes, some have been random and occasionally they feel like a stretch, but at least I got them up! The Chicken and Sugar Snap Pea Stir-Fry recipe I put up yesterday was the 20th recipe I’ve put up, so that was a nice and motivating marker.
  8. WoW Dailies (successful 7  of 7 days) – I’m sure no one besides my husband cares about my WoW progress, but I’ve stuck with my dailies! I got a cool new mount and now we’re working on the Shieldwall and Golden Lotus dailies together : )

So far, so good! We’ll see how week 2 goes with exercise, etc. but I have high hopes based on this week!


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