Thoughts on Babies

Thoughts on Babies

Lately, it seems like babies have been coming up a lot; Bill and I have been married for 10 months today, and frequently get asked when we’re going to have kids. Many of our friends have infants and toddlers or are planning on having a child soon. I read a lot of Mommy Blogs, so I’m quite up on the ins-and-outs of child products, plus there are always pregnant celebrities on TV, magazines and all over the internet. In the middle of this baby quagmire, it’s hard to NOT have thoughts on reproducing, so here are some of mine.

We Manckwhites are from completely opposite ends of the baby-comfort-spectrum, so we both came into this relationship with different ideas about babies in general. Most of my life, I’ve been surrounded by kiddoes and babies. On one side of the family I have a passle of younger cousins, while on the other side I’ve been an aunt (and now great-aunt) many times over since I was four years old. Bill, on the other hand, grew up with no younger family besides his little brother John, who isn’t very much younger at all.  I am all about holding babies, talking to toddlers, and putting together Lego sculptures, while Bill is pretty freaked out by small fries’ inability to effectively communicate and how easily breakable they are. We are in no way at odds about kids, but it’s a little strange to come from such different backgrounds about it.

Bill holding Baby Annabelle at the wedding, can you see the terror in his eyes?

Our friends Adam and Kristin have our most favorite baby in the whole wide world, Miss Annabelle. Bill claims Annabelle is afraid of him, but she freaking adores him, mostly because she is entranced by his beard and the keys he always shakes for her. She’s the first baby in our friend group, and we all dote on her, even the guys. Annabelle is turning one later this month and she is at an awesome stage right now; she can walk and hug and feed Bueller crackers off the coffee table (see video below). Seriously, watching Bueller and Annabelle together is the absolute cutest thing in the whole world: she kisses him on the nose, you guys! Seeing our very close friends managing their life with a kiddo has made parenthood seem more real and deal-with-able. We’re bartering babysitting Annabelle for assistance building a table later this year, so we’ll see how that goes.

Annabelle, the loveliest baby
Annabelle, the loveliest baby

On the other hand, there is a baby we’ve never met that is very much impacting our lives: the neighbor baby. I do not know if it is male or female, nor do I know its age, but I do know that it is a very unhappy baby. We share a bedroom wall with its parents, and every night from 9pm until goodness knows when we are treated to a display of this baby’s very, very strong lungs. It’s not exactly a calming or peaceful trip to dreamland when he/she is screaming and screaming. Oy vey.

And then there’s the practical aspects: Houston ain’t a cheap real estate market particularly in safe areas/our neighborhood and we’re quite settled in our location, so it’s not like we’ll be magically moving into a house any time soon, so space is an issue. We just moved to a very awesome new apartment and are very much enjoying our new office. It’s filled with books, nerf guns and computers and has become our default hangout spot. Bueller can watch parking lot traffic out the window, I have a very comfy chair and Bill is surrounded by all of his favorite things. We’re planning on staying in this apartment for quite a few years based on its comfiness and convenience and we love the office as-is, so we’re sort of too… selfish about our space (or time) to think about giving any of it up right now.

So, there are my baby thoughts: I like them very much, especially when I’m around Annabelle, but I don’t have the current mindset or selflessness to deal with one. Right now, I’m enjoying having my husband to myself, hanging out in our office, with no one disturbing our sleep besides the hyperactive cat and snoring puggle. I am completely convinced little Manckwhites will be awesome when they arrive though; Bill will teach them latin and, I mean, look at how cute I was as a chitlin 😉


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Babies

  1. for the record, not cool that you have other friends named Adam and Kristin (especially spelled with an “i”)… because I just freaked out that the Adam & Kristin I know had a baby a year ago and I missed it…

    1. Tell me about it! I get the Veteoes confused with our other A&K all the time in conversation. Annabelle is adorable regardless of which Adam and Kristin she belongs too 😉

      Hug your niece and nephew for me!

    2. Even more confusing: both Kristins have W maiden names and from Missouri! (Technically Whiteman/Veteto is from IL, but I associate her with MO because of Drury)

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