Sunday’s Major Happenings

Sunday’s Major Happenings

  • Some minor sleep-in-age, followed by eggs and blackberries with some Earl Grey for breakfast
  • Finishing another exalted strung of quests in WoW, which makes for 2 in as many weeks!
  • The decision to take Bill in to the Minute Clinic for his rapidly worsening cough
  • A side trip to the mall for another birthday present for Annabelle while waiting for the clinic to open
  • Return to the Minute Clinic, which directs us to the Urgent Care
  • A diagnosis! Bill has walking pneumonia, to be treated with cough syrup, a steroid, and antibiotics
  • Resting at home and some laundry, followed by a tepid bath since our water heater is cranky in cold weather
  • And now, softshell crab sandwiches, topped with caviar(!), for dinner!

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