Just Call Me Professora Mrs. Blanco

Just Call Me Professora Mrs. Blanco

Unsurprisingly, Bill was not able to teach today what with the walking pneumonia and all. He’s doing much better coughing-wise because of his medicines, but now he’s dealing with all the icky side effects like dizziness and weird mouth-tastes. Even though he couldn’t go in to teach today there were some school errands that needed to be run so his lesson plans could work and larger school functions could go on, so I drove him to school this morning, forbid him to leave the car or expose his lungs to the cold and misty air, and began my short career as a homeroom teacher!

I chatted with other teachers I knew as I checked Bill’s in-school mail in the administrative building, picked up the raffle ticket booklets that had to be distributed during homeroom, and went to deposit his lesson plans for subs in the classroom. When I arrived at the room, I found it full of unattended seniors since homerooms don’t really get subs. After a quick strategy meeting with Bill out in the car, I ran back into the building and took charge! Luckily, his homeroom already knows me from holidays and sick days I’ve spent at school, so they were unphased as I handled raffle tickets, let the boys know that Bill was out sick, and told them to make good decisions throughout the day : ) Then the bell rang and my little charges, all of which are taller than me, were out and into the wider school world again.ย My potentially brilliant teaching career cut short, I returned to my rapidly-fading husband in the car, took him home so he could get into bed to recover, and zoomed off to my actual job.

While I am obviously unpleased that Bubbie is feeling so poorly, it was nice to have a chance to contribute in his absence and to feel like a (tiny) part of the academic world again. It was a nice mini vacation from my day-to-day routine, just to shake things up for a little bit. If only I knew Spanish or Latin and could actually sub for him… Professora Mrs. Blanco has a ring to it, right? ; )


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