Greek Genius

Greek Genius

It may surprise you to know that even though I never pledged in college and speak only the most basic (i.e. no) ancient Greek, I have recently proven myself to be an absolute Hellenic Hero! Today, while driving home from running errands, I mentally stumbled upon the most amazing name for a fraternal organization that has ever been conceived. Since I will probably never have the chance to found a fraternity or sorority, I will share it here so it may live on.

The illustrious organization I theoretically will invent is Pi Iota Epsilon: ΠΙΕ. Not only is this amazing because it is Pi as well as PIE, that combination of Greek letters spells the imperative “Drink!” in both ancient and modern Greek. The honorable ΠΙΕ will be a co-ed fraternity of brother (and sister) hood, baking and imbibing for all!

This fortuitous combination of letters and meanings speaks well for the future success of ΠΙΕ and my legacy of Greek infamy, don’t you think? 😉


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