2013 Goal Progress – January review

2013 Goal Progress – January review

I’ve decided to update my goal progress for the blog every month rather than every week to keep from boring y’all too much ; )  This way I can look at the bigger picture of progress and what was or wasn’t successful. So here we go, the first month of 2013’s goals!


  1. Read Laudate (successful 30 of 30 days) – This is one of my favorite goals so far because it’s a very nice way to start every day. My brain starts working while learning about saints and reading the day’s liturgy, so I have a positive beginning to my mornings. I’ve learned about several saints I’d never heard of and found out more about some more famous saints, such as St. Bridget today! I will be glad to keep working at this one all year : )
  2. Read Bible plan (successful 30 of 30 days) – I finished up my She Reads Truth plan a few weeks ago, so now I’m just focusing on Eat This Book to read the whole bible this year. We’re in the more boring parts of Exodus right now, but I really enjoyed reading through the stories we studied in Sunday school again with grown-up eyes. There was a lot I’d forgotten about Abraham and Joseph…
  3. Take Vitamins (successful 28 of 30 days) – Except for the one weekend I forgot to take my vitamin case home, I’ve kept strong on this goal and I haven’t gotten sick yet! I take multi-vitamins and a vitamin C supplement every day, a good habit to maintain.
  4. Exercise (successful 26 of 30 days) –  I skipped fewer days than I thought! After I strained a tendon in my neck I backed off the abdominal exercise and picked up a set of 5-lb dumbbells to work on my arms. I’ve also added a leg workout to the rotation, so I got to relive the trauma of wall sits on Thursday night. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t seen a huge difference in my weight or appearance after working out for a straight month, but I do feel a bit stronger and more disciplined so that’s good. I’m focusing more on my long-term health and that some working out is better than my former sedentarianism. When we went to dinner with our LAX boys last weekend they were impressed by my routine, so that’s pretty cool : )
  5. Gratitude Journal (successful 30 of 30 days) – Still not loving this goal, but I’m sticking to it. Most days it’s the last box I check off in Good Things because I forget to do it but I haven’t had to really rack my brain to figure out what to be thankful for, so I think I’m pretty blessed : )
  6. Take a photo (successful 30 of 30 days) –
  7. Blog (successful 30 of 30 days) – Still going strong blogging! There have obviously been a few puny, barely there blog days, but I’ve stuck to it. Keeping that chain unbroken is very motivating, as is the feedback I’ve started to get from WordPress and Pinterest!
  8. WoW / Lacrosse Duties (successful 29 of 30 days) – First things first, I changed this goal a little so I can count nights working on lacrosse or doing my WoW Dailies since we have a lot of late nights coming up this season. In WoW news, I maxed out Golden Lotus too! The only day I missed playing was earlier this week when Bill sent me to bed because I was just wiped out for some reason. Other than that, I’ve worked on LAX administrative stuff or my WoW goals every day.

So, overall only one day of incomplete goals: not too bad! We’ll check in again next week and see how it’s going : ) Good luck with all of your goals!


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