Back to My Life of Hollerin’

Back to My Life of Hollerin’

No recipe today; I didn’t get a chance to cook dinner last night because Bueller and I joined Bill at school to ‘help’ with video stats from their weekend games. Tonight will be another No Cooking Night because it’s the first home game of the lacrosse season! I haven’t been able to make any of the previous games this season because of location and timing, but tonight I will be parked in the stands, cheering my boys on with all my heart. It’s all part of being a LAX Wife For Life!

The team Bill coaches is our lower junior varsity group, so many of them haven’t been playing lacrosse very long (if at all) and are itsy bitsy little freshmen. This means that the games may not be the finest examples of strategy and skill, but I love to shout for them anyway. They work really hard and the improvement from first to last game is always mind-boggling. They’re often playing teams with much more experience, but they (usually) don’t back down. When they do wuss out a bit, that’s when my mom-voice and hollerin’ comes into play.

image copy 8

I’m actually a little worried because the freshmen parents are not properly prepared for me and my… vociferous… ways in the stands.ย My hometown has a proud tradition of football victories (’05 State Champs!), so I grew up hollering our boys to victory from a young age. Add that to my theatre ‘training’, supportive nature, love for this school and naturally booming speaking voice… you get a super-fan! Last year, I was often mistaken for a player’s girlfriend or sister (which is kind of creepy), but soon the parents caught on to my spirit and learned not to sit directly in front of me, haha. The boys on the sidelines, on the other hand, can always tell when I’ve arrived to the game and I like to think my bleacher ‘coaching’ is occasionally helpful ; )

In addition to my game time commitments, I also spend a lot of my downtime trying to help our little program out. I’ve made waterproof rosters and schedules for the parents this year, along with iPhone compatible rosters to set as their background. I make programs and work to organize the boys when they’re expected to contribute outside of playing time at our big events. Bill and I watch game tape, as well as pro and college games, over the weekends.

So tonight, I will be decked out in head-to-toe SJ gear on my SJ stadium seat, yelling out encouragement to every player for every play as my accent gets worse and worse in my very resonant voice that echoes off the other side of the stadium. By the time I get home, I will be hoarse and exhausted, but I will go over every play, triumph and misstep with Bill (even if he doesn’t want to) and fall asleep planning what else I can do to help. That is the life of a very involved coach’s wife in the small world of Texas lacrosse : )

I might have a little school spirit...


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