Three Years

Three Years

Three years and two days ago, I went on my first date with a handsome bearded man wearing a pearl-snap shirt and glasses to a little Mexican restaurant down the street from his apartment. I got lost on the way to his place, but still made it in time wave like a complete nerd when he walked up to my car. Over quesadillas, Shiner and a bright blue margarita, we got to know each other and toasted with a hearty Slainte. We didn’t want the night to end, so wended our way to the coffeeshop where we met to fetch caffeine and then back to his place for a movie and possible puggle approval. Two days later, we hadn’t left each other’s side, I had the dog’s OK, and we were head over heels.


Three years ago today, Bill and I decided together to see where that amazing weekend would take us, and oh boy, what a trip it’s been! Our time together has taken us through highs and lows, unemployment and new jobs, new apartments and new friends, trips and weekends in, and now to marriage. Who would’ve guess that three years ago today as the sun was setting in your old apartment with Bueller by our side? Less than a year later, we were engaged and just over two years later, we got hitched! ย We have a wonderful dog, crazy cat, lovely apartment, great family, supportive community and a strong, committed relationship on which I can depend.

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Bubbie, I am so, so glad that we were smart enough to stick with each other after we dumb-luck found each other three years ago. Thank you for introducing me to Latin and lacrosse, puggles and wuggles, Albany and Azeroth, and so much more. I treasure every minute we get to spend together; no matter whether it’s on the road in Stanley, on the lacrosse sidelines, or in our cozy apartment, there’s no where else I’d rather be. Wherever I am with you, it is home because you are my home and you always will be. We’re so lucky to have taken a chance on each other and our life together. Thank you for trusting me, loving me, and being my partner. I love our little family, the life we’ve made together, and most of all, I love you, husband-man, and I always will : ) Happy anniversary, love!



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