I Think I Can Feel My Skin Breathing…

I Think I Can Feel My Skin Breathing…

I spent Friday and Saturday cleaning house, getting groceries, organizing papers and events, running the lacrosse clock/stats table, assistant coaching our team (!), and getting the most heinous of sunburns since I couldn’t find any sunblock Saturday morning.



Since I’m currently sporting this very attractive and uncomfortable reverse raccoon face, yesterday was spent relaxing and medicating and wishing I didn’t have work today. Wishing didn’t work, so here I sit at my desk with an alternately painful, itchy and tight face, willing the clock to go faster.

Let me tell you though, spending my weekend helping the school, my boys, their parents and my husband was worth all of the time and discomfort. 

So, I’ll be back tomorrow, slightly less red but probably more peely, with a recipe, but until then, please send cooling and healing thoughts to my poor face : )


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