Saturday Together

Saturday Together

The past few weekends, Bill and I have been crazy busy with lacrosse stuff. He had practices, then to be out of town, and then we worked the tournament together. This was our first Saturday together and not busy in a long while, so we decided a little normality and laziness was in order.

After sleeping in a bit, it was McDonald’s breakfast sandwich time for the mister, then off to HEB for groceries and breakfast doughnuts for me ๐Ÿ™‚ We got all the ingredients for the week’s upcoming delicious meals, including fresh mozzarella, plus some tiny gelatos to snack upon and an oatmeal bone for Bueller.

Upon returning home, we did our WoW dailies (I’m revered with the Shado-Pan and honored with August Celestials!) and discussed potential plans for our one year (!!!!) anniversary next week. Since we were productive in the digital world, it was time to do the same in the real world: cleaning the apartment and doing laundry. Ah, the fun of being an adult. I knew it would would be busy again starting tomorrow though, so cleaning was important to implement now.

About halfway through cleaning, we took a Starbucks break and brought Bueller along with us for a fun treat. Along with Bill’s mocha we got a ‘puppy latte’, a tiny cup filled with whipped cream for bue. He attacked his treat with gusto and vigor, quickly devouring his weekend indulgence. A very happy puggle rode on my lap all the way home ๐Ÿ™‚

We walked Bueller as soon as we got home and encountered our neighbor Keri along the way. Bill had been itching to watch some lacrosse, so we invited Keri over so he could explain the game to her while the dogs played. She accepted and we had a very nice afternoon watching lacrosse while I tidied and cleaned in between goals.

After a few hours, we all started to get hungry so Bill rented Cabin in the Woods to watch while I made Nacho Chicken Casserole (recipe coming later this week). Both dinner and the movie were a hit! Bueller and Sarge both fell asleep while we watched, so the gentle sounds of canine snores accompanied the dialogue.

After the movie, we walked the pups again and bid good night to Keri, which brings us to now! All in all, a very nice and relaxing Saturday ๐Ÿ™‚


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