Lovely Day

Lovely Day

Oh, today has just been the nicest Saturday. And I’m not just saying that because I’m having bourbon-aged hard cider, though it is wonderful : )

Seriously, go find Woodchuck's Barrel Select Private Reserve, it's amazing!
Seriously, go find Woodchuck’s Barrel Select Private Reserve, it’s amazing!

This morning, the husband and I decided to sleep in since it was nice and grey. After much cuddling, we retrieved Bueller’s best friend Sarge from his apartment so he could hang out with us while his mom worked at the Ren Faire in Bastrop. We hung out with the pups for a while, enjoying the lovely temperature outside though the winds were a bit much.

Sarge even jumped up on the bed! He's usually very cautious, so this was super-precious : )
Sarge even jumped up on the bed! He’s usually very cautious, so this was super-precious : )

After the boys got settled and we played a little WoW, we were off on a quest for fun ‘errands’ of places we’d meant to go but hadn’t been in a while.

Stop one: the giant downtown Spec’s! This is a huge liquor store, gourmet grocery and deli all rolled into one in Midtown; one of favorite places to go. We were also there one year ago today, buying the booze for our wedding with Mom, Bert and Bef, so it seemed fitting to be there again today : ) We got delicious sandwiches for dessert, along with Orange Blossom mints from les Anis de Flavigny, Brie for dinner this week, good Ruffino for our anniversary tomorrow and the aforementioned delicious cider.

Stop two: AMAZING CAKE SUPPLIES! I heard about this fantastic cake supply store via the internet earlier this week, so when a parent mentioned it to me on Thursday I knew it was pre-ordained that I must go there. Though it’s in a cruddy neighborhood, this place is baking supply heaven!! They have tons of different cake boxes, sprinkles and sugar, ckae toppers and even gum paste/sugar flowers.

I got the disposable plastic cupcake carriers I’ve been searching for for ages, a 1 lb bag of green sanding sugar, a cheap little cake leveler, a new coupler for my extra-large piping tips, plus these amazing super-concentrated flavors like Kahlua and marshmallow: all for less than $40! If you’re in Houston and love to bake, definitely try it! They’re at:ย 5611 Bellaire Blvd Suite 118

Stops three-five: Collector’s to peruse the newest wares, Guitar Center to look for a particular size of bag, and then Petsmart for puggle foods.

We returned to very happy (and sleepy) puppies, so we spent the afternoon lounging about with them while playing some more WoW and doing chores. It was so nice to have some casual downtime after our very exciting stops; non-scheduled relaxing time is a rare commodity during lacrosse season!


By 6 it was time for the weekly grocery run to HEB, then back to laundry and the boys. We unpacked groceries, made dinner reservations at The Melting Pot for our anniversary tomorrow, and then I took a nice bath with a cider and my 10-volume-in-1 version of Roger Zelazney’s Amber series.

We just dropped Sarge off with Keri since she was back from the Faire, and now it is bedtime for all the ManckWhites after a very lovely Saturday : )


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