900 Days, Stacked

900 Days, Stacked

I begin every workday with a simple ritual that I developed at my first big-girl job in 2009 – I write the day and date at the top of a fresh Steno pad sheet, followed by my on-going projects and daily duties. As the day goes by, I check off things that are accomplished, add newly arisen to-do items, and mark my lunch scan-in-scan-out time to make sure I clock in on time.

Today, I finished up the 15th Steno pad at my current position and began again with a fresh spiral-bound 60 sheets. I have (approximately) 900 pages of daily minutiae recorded and saved on the shelves behind my desk and who knows how many more I’ll rack up here, or during the rest of my life.


Nine hundred pages, including the day before Bill and I went on our first date.


The day after Bill asked me to marry him.


These pages show my rise from unemployment, meeting my husband, falling in love, getting married and celebrating our one year anniversary, all contained within notes to email vendors, design advertisements and track down routing sleeves.


What does this stack show? The slow grinding of the wheel of time in an oddly mesmerizing and physical way? My information hoarding ways? Or the simple growth of time as we all age? Such a simple collection of objects, yet my mind reels at all it represents.

They aren’t as visual as photographs or as personal as letters, but they are steady and growing as I suppose we all.

Do you have any oddly pedestrian physical reminders of time that you fixate on?


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