Eustachian Concrete

Eustachian Concrete

This week, I had a meal plans, blog plans and life plans, but the world looked at them and laughed and said “No, no little Emily. That is not how it shall go.” So instead of spending the week blogging about deliciousness and such while Bill relaxed during his Spring Break, we had our first anniversary, he got sick, then I had a press check Monday, then I got sick! Bye bye plans, hello coughing and nose blowing and weird equilibrium issues.

So glad The Hobbit came out this week to keep me company on the sick couch.

Bill’s basically all better (huzzah!), but I’m still dealing with a copious amount of nasal congestion, dry coughing, weird voice and what feels like cement under my ears. We’re relatively certain that some of the sickly hooligans at school infected Bill with a virus that I managed to pick up even though my immune system usually fends off whatever Bill sends my way. This must’ve been some monster virus though; a lot of folks at work have been ill with a similar sounding crud. Throw in all of the oak pollen that’s blooming right now and of course everyone’s sick!

Scientific fact: Pet snuggles are healing!

Luckily, I believe I am at the tail end of this illness so I’ll get to enjoy the weekend with Bill and our friend Dave from Albany : ) He’s working down South from us a bit on… archeologist-ish things(?), so we’re bringing him up to hang out for the weekend!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back on schedule for blogging and such next week. I promise I have such deliciousness to share!


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